Ringing in the New Year with friends, Maizey & Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food


Holy moly, it’s almost the New Year! Crazy! We are planning to have a low key NYE night with friends and will likely be in bed before midnight. We shall see. 😉 I’m going to dress up because I got a TON of sequin and velvet clothing sent to me from Lidl. And let’s be honest, when else can I wear that many sequins? When I told my friend about all the sequins I have, she whipped up this invitation in 5 minutes. Ha! I love it!

My friend who is having us over is an amazing hostess (seriously, it’s a gift) and is making a huge charcuterie tray and a pot roast…and I’m contributing a salad. 🙂 Any salad suggestions that go well with a pot roast?

Anyway! Today’s post is about Maizey and how I try to treat her extra special during the holiday season since she’s obviously a part of the family.

Just like I enjoy sharing special meals with Tommy, family and friends during this time of year, I also want treat Maizey to something special. It’s important to me that she has high quality, delicious and nutritious food during the holidays (OK, it’s important to me all the time.) One of Maizey’s love languages is yummy food and treats, and I know goodies from Wellness Core make her extra happy.

She really loves the Core Raw Rev Kibble. What sets Core Raw Rev Kibble apart from other dog food is how its made. The freeze-drying process keeps all of the nutrients intact, so the food is rich in minerals and enzymes, which is important for her health, just like ours! It’s also high in protein, which will help keep Maizey’s muscles strong, which is especially important as she ages. And because we all like to look good for the holidays, the antioxidants in the kibble will help keep Maizey’s coat nice and shiny well into the New Year :).

When she’s not enjoying a hearty meal of the Core Raw Rev, Maizey is all about the treats. (She knows where they are and will paw at the pantry door, little stinker.) The Wellness Core freeze-dried treats are a great option since they’re just straight-up 100% meat with no icky fillers. I love knowing that what I’m giving Maizey food she loves since dogs instinctively crave protein AND it makes me happy, knowing these treats are good for her. I also like that these treats are small so she can have a couple. Plus, they make great training treats too. I keep a couple in my pocket when I walk her in case she needs to be motivated to move along at times.

Maizey and I are looking forward to ringing in the New Year and eating well all year long! We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings us — hopefully a puppy!!!    


I hope you have a LOVELY New Year and if your pup is involved in the celebration, give them a hug for me and a kiss from Maizey! 🙂

Big thank you to Wellness Core for sponsoring this post and for the huge supply of dog treats and dog food!!! Maizey and I are both grateful! You can read previous posts about Wellness Core Raw Rev here.

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