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One of my earliest childhood memories is spending a LOT of time at the library. I would ask my mom to take me multiple times a week since I would devour books. For my 8th birthday, I asked for my own library card (apparently I asked for the two years before but I wasn’t old enough for my own). And eventually, I learned to ride a bike for the sole purpose of going to the library whenever I wanted. I did NOT like riding a bike and struggled to learn, but I was willing to stick with it for the library’s sake! And even as I went through middle school and high school, I loved going to the public library to study and do homework. And, of course, to check out a massive stack of books. All that to say, I’ve always loved reading.

I credit my mom for my love of reading. She was an elementary school librarian for over 20 years and almost always has a book in hand, if she’s not running, Crossfitting or cooking. I read every single night in bed to wind down. And now that Thomas is sleeping better, I have more time to read at night, which feels so luxurious, especially after a busy day! I used to read for HOURS at a time and finish books in 1-2 days, and that never happens now unless I’m on vacation. But adding just 1 hour in the middle at the end of the day brings me so much joy (and really helps with stress!).

I don’t make it to the library nearly as often as I used to, but about a year ago, I joined Book of the Month and LOVE it. If you’re also a book worm, I highly recommend it. It’s a monthly book subscription, often featuring new authors. They give you a few options to choose from each month and, while I hate getting boxes in the mail, I always look forward to this one! (Note: You can skip a month at any point and it seems cheaper on average than Amazon.)

I also love that BOTM includes a bookmark. My mom purchases a bookmark wherever she travels and I think it’s such a lovely way to remember a trip since you use it all the time! Sometimes the books are terrible, but for the most part I’ve been happy and it’s really fun, especially when my friends are reading the same book. And then I’m happy to pass along my latest read to a friend when I’m done! Another good resource for finding good books is the New York Times Bestseller List.

Below are the books I’m currently working on or just finished.

Books I’ve Read Lately

Lots of good books recently! I haven’t started The Family Firm or Magic Lessons, but they’re in my stack!

Your Self-Confident Baby by Magda Gerber

I just started reading this book – it’s all about observing your child and helping them develop by letting them explore. Madga Gerber is the founder of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), a child therapist and grandmother. RIE focuses on helping parents to treat babies with respect to help lay a strong foundation for their development. I’m not too far into it yet, but I’m finding it very interesting so far. (This is a list of pregnancy books I read and here’s a list of newborn baby care books.)

Everyday In His Presence by Charles F. Stanley

Everyday In His Presence is a daily devotional that I’ve been enjoying recently. Each day includes scripture with a meaningful application, a short prayer that serves as a peaceful reminder that God is part of your life and an “In His Presence” takeaway for thought and reflection. Each devotional is not long, but I’ve really appreciated starting my day on this note.

Do Less by Kate Northrup

Do Less is about time management (something that’s totally different with a child in the picture!) for mothers and women. I love how Kate talks about our worth not being attached to our productivity and how we should focus on presence, not productivity. This was a gift from my friend Anna, a fellow self-employed, busy mom.

The Forgotten Room by Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig

This book is SO good so far. It’s based in 1945, in Manhattan, around World War II and brings together two people’s life stories in an interesting mystery. I always enjoy historical fiction, especially when it’s set as a mystery or thriller.

Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena

This novel is about a murder in a rich neighborhood in NYC. Three kids are left behind to inherit a fortune, and the book turns into a story about who may have killed the parents…was it one of the children? So good. Couldn’t put it down.

Watching You by Lisa Jewell

I LOVED Watching You. It’s another thriller mystery, this time based in England. I love fiction like this that takes me to another place and time, where I’m not focused on what’s happening in real life for just a few moments.

The Family Firm by Emily Oster

I was actually gifted The Family Firm by Emily Oster herself via Instagram DM, how cool is THAT? Emily wrote two other books I loved: Expecting Better and Cribsheet.

Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman

This book was super interesting. It’s fiction, but focused on Salem and the women involved in the witch trials. It’s actually a love story, which I found interesting.

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

I FLEW through this book. The Maidens is based in Cambridge, England about a troubled group therapist who becomes fixated on a group called the Maidens, a female secret society. Maidens keep getting murder. Is it a professor? The therapist? Or someone else?

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

I also loved The Last Thing He Told Me. It’s about a husband who leaves without an explanation after a corporate fraud and his wife and daughter are left behind, trying to figure out why.

The Girls of Atomic City

This book tells the unbelievable true story about young women during World War II who worked in a secret city making fuel for the first atomic bomb… except they didn’t know that.

What I’m listening to on Audible

The Four Tendencies

Run the Mile You’re In

The Answer Is

What books are you currently reading or what have you read lately that you’ve loved?


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    I LOVED little fires everywhere, but we don’t have Hulu so haven’t watched the series. Maybe I’ll skip that. I’m currently reading Amanda’s book and also ‘The Other’s Gold!’

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    I loved Little Fires Everywhere. I read it a couple years ago, and recently watched the Hulu series. It had been enough time in between the reading and watching where I was still able to enjoy the show, despite the differences. Currently I am reading The Missing Years, which is kind of a mystery/thriller. I also joined Book of the Month, and I’ve gotten two books so far, Long Bright River and A Good Marriage. I haven’t gotten to them yet, so they are up next on the list. Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy just put out her Summer Reading Guide, so I am adding many of those titles to my list as well. I highly recommend her blog and podcast for great book suggestions!

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    I read every single night also. I loved Little Fires Everywhere also, and The Testaments is on my short list.

    If you’re at all interested in Northern Ireland, I recommend Milkman and Say Nothing. (The first is fiction, the second nonfiction.) I loved Gene (nonfiction, all about genetics). Circe (fiction) is another very good book I read recently.

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    I also read every night before bed! I’ve read a lot of good ones lately, but the best one (maybe my all time top 3) is The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah! It’s SO good! Winter Garden (also by Kristin Hannah) and Night Road (same author) are amazing!

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    I hope you enjoy Lost on Planet China. It’s hilarious, but it’s not even his most funny book. His others are really funny, and highly enjoyable.

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