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Our wedding video!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Today, I’m sharing our wedding video. Being married to Tommy is the best gift of all (even more so than a French Bulldog 😉 ), and having a loving family, near and far, is a gift I do not take for granted, especially as I get older.

As my brother said in his wedding toast, “Family is everything to us.” That’s such a good reminder during the holiday season. And I’m so grateful I have our wedding video just in time to reflect on that — and to share with all of you! Merry Christmas friends!

Good Earth Films Wedding Videos

A quick note about wedding videography — if you were reading my blog last year during wedding planning, you may remember that I had mixed feelings about hiring a wedding videographer since they can be pricey, but I AM SO GLAD I DID.

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in NC (or beyond), I cannot recommend Alex and James from Good Earth Films enough. They are truly WONDERFUL people and they enhanced our day so much. There was never a moment, from the first time I met them, that I questioned whether they were the right people to capture our day. And considering I was alone the morning of my wedding (details on that here), other than my photographer and videographers, finding people I really loved was especially important. I absolutely love them as videographers, editors, producers and as people.

Wedding Videos that Make You Cry

Okay, I’m not a huge crier — which you won’t believe watching this or if you could see me every time I watch this! Ha! But, if you want a wedding video that really captures the emotion of the day — crying, laughter, joy, inside jokes — ask your videographer who EDITS your video. One thing I LOVED about our videographer, Good Earth Films, is that they do all the filming AND editing themselves. Apparently it’s a pretty common practice for wedding videographers to outsource the editing. That means the people editing your video are not the same people who actually film your wedding.

I can’t imagine someone else editing our day. There is just so much context that happens on the wedding day that should go into the editing decisions, what to cut and what to keep. So while it took a little bit longer to get our film, I didn’t mind one bit. (We got our highlight video — which is the one in this post — a few months ago and our full-length video last month.) And, I actually found it really fun to get the video a little bit longer after the wedding once the details were fuzzy. We really got to relive it again and remember things we’d forgotten!

THANK YOU ALEX & JAMES!!!!!! Y’all are so wonderful, so talented and I love ya!

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    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    O loved it! What a fantastic video to hold all the memories of that day!

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