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Hello from the other side…of Christmas

Santa brought me a new running toy so I shared a quick Garmin Forerunner 235 review. I also shared a quick recap of our holidays and what I’ve been up to the past week!

Hi friends! I hope you had a lovely Christmas! We spent it in Boone (about 1.5 hours from Winston-Salem) with Tommy’s family, whom I absolutely LOVE. I’m so, so grateful that I love them so much and that I get to spend time with them over the holidays when I’m so far from my own family. It’s also amazing that theyย live in Boone, which has been one of my favorite places in NC since I moved here. Basically, he’s perfect for me. Okay, sappiness over, moving on…

a foodie stays fit boyfriend

coat | jeans | boots (my coat and jeans are on sale!)

The weather wasn’t great (foggy and misty), especially compared to last year, but at least we didn’t have to contend with snow driving up and down the mountain.

Post-Christmas Relaxation

I took a couple days off work and it’s been glorious to take it easy. I slept 8.5 – 9 hours for 5 straight nights (which also helped me fight off a cold!), took Maizey on a couple extra long walks, and got in a few runs (which I did on the treadmill since I didn’t want to aggravate my cold). Although, I am so excited to run outside since Tommy got me a new Garmin Forerunner for Christmas!! I’ve blogged a few times (including on my runner gift guide) that I really wanted the 235 but couldn’t justify it since my 210 works just fine. I was so excited to get it!

The weather in Winston has been gorgeous this week, which was perfect timing have a few days off work! Tommy and I went out to the driving range a couple times; spending time with him out there is one of my favorite things — especially if I’m hitting it well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

forsyth country club

pantsย | similar jacket | shoes | glove

I got to wear one of my new golf jackets that Tommy got me for Christmas too – I’m obsessed! It’s so comfortable and cute, and I know I’ll definitely wear it even when we’re not golfing.

peter millar women's jacketpants | jacket

Also, I never know what pants to wear golfing and I’ve found a great solution – Banana Republic Sloan pants! I’m telling you, those pants work for EVERYTHING. (I’ve blogged about them before here,ย here, here and a million more times really.)

forsyth country club
Garmin Forerunner 235 review

Anyway, back to the Garmin! I can’t believe how much lighter the Garmin Forerunner 235 is than the 210 – I forget I even have it on. It’s so comfortable and I like the style so I’ve actually been wearing it all day (since I’ve been dressed so casually this week!). I love that it tracks my heart rate and it also has smart notifications so I can see texts and other notifications on it. I’m still uncertain if I like being that tied to my phone through the watch, but a friend pointed out last night that it may help me look at my phone less since I can glance at my watch and not grab my phone to see what the notification is. We’ll see.

Garmin Forerunner 235 review

But the thing I’m most excited for is to take it on a run!! I’m hoping I can sneak out for a lunch run today since I’m pretty light on meetings this week. I’ll keep you posted on how I like it!

Post-Holiday Sales

I’m hoping the next few days as we head into the weekend (and the New Year!) will be pretty low key. Nordstrom, J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Ralph Lauren and Nike are having some killer sales so I’m planning to do a little online shopping with some Christmas money I got (parents are the best). At the end of every year, I like to take stock of my fall/winter clothes and purge the stuff I never wear or is in bad shape and replace it with some new items to get me through the rest of the winter. The post-holiday sales help with that and a few new fun items help with the winter doldrums. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll try to share what I’m eyeing before the sales end.

Alright, I’m off to walk Maizey and then off to work! Have a great day!

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    Do you have any recommendations for getting a good nights sleep?!

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    Merry Christmas. I bought myself the same watch (in teal) using Christmas money and so far I love mine too. I haven’t hooked it up to my phone yet because I’m not sure if I want that or not.

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    You said you weren’t good at sports. . . .I think golf counts as a sport! I have the 235 and love it! I do have mine Bluetoothed to my phone, but I’m not very popular, so I don’t get a lot of notifications on my phone. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus I don’t wear my running watch too often (besides running, of course). You could give any clothes you don’t want to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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