Practicing Hot(ish) Yoga at Home

One of my goals for February was to practice yoga – even for 15 minutes – every day. That hasn’t happened (not even close!) but I have practiced at home 3 days. I love the studio experience for many reasons – a guided practice helps me focus better focus since I’m not thinking about what to do next, learning new poses, good playlist, adjustments from my instructor, calm setting, no distractions, group energy.

But, my at-home practices have been pretty great too since I’m able to focus on poses that I really enjoy or that I want to work on. For example, I’ve really wanted to work on my donkey kicks into a handstand but get nervous at the studio without a wall for support. So, at home, I’m able to move my mat to the wall when practicing donkey kicks to really push my limits. (And, I’ve never needed the wall which gives me confidence without the wall.) 

IMG 4232

At home, I set my mat up in my guest bedroom. I move my space heater and humidifier into the room and let them run while I get changed and all during my practice. The rooms warms up quickly!  I can definitely get my space hotter at home than at my studio. (But still not as hot as I’d like! 🙂 )

IMG 4228IMG 4229

The humidifier and my lamp give off just enough light to give the room a gentle glow. The rest of the room isn’t exactly a yoga space – a basket full of wires and modems, dog toys, a laundry drying rack, etc. – but I’m able to create a little serene space in there. Finding a good yoga playlist has been harder that I thought, so I’ve been using the Phoenix station on Spotify. I really like it for yoga, other than when the artist commentary tracks come on. 

For my hour-long practices, I follow this general sequence with vinyasas between almost everything:

  • Sun Salutations and variations 
  • Balancing (e.g. standing pigeon, tree, dancer, eagle)
  • Warrior II, Triangle, Side Angle series
  • Warrior II to Half Moon and Reverse Half Moon
  • Hip openers (usually pigeon)
  • Arm balances (I’m obsessed with side crow these days) + donkey kicks
  • Back strengthening poses (bow, bridge, wheel)
  • Inversions (still working on forearm stand!)
  • Savasana
And then, I hang up my mat. 🙂

IMG 4237

I just got that carrying strap from Paz Boutique to carry my Lululemon The Mat (read my review here). It’s the Lululemon Loop It Up Mat Strap. I love having a carrying strap – it makes it so much neater and easier to store and carry. Seems kind of a obvious but I’m surprised how much I love having it. 🙂

Do you practice yoga at home? Do you make up your own sequence or use a DVD/podcast?

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  • Lauren @ sassy molassy

    I love the heater idea in a small room! I practice in our back dining room so that might not work, but I do enjoy warmer flows. Sometimes I will do my own practice if I’m shorter on time, but usually I’ll do a yogaglo flow (I have a monthly subscription) and will add on certain poses or arm balances if I’m working on something in particular. Right now I’m really trying it get into forearm or tripod headstand without the wall and without freaking out, which I have done a few times now! It’s amazing to see the growth in these things just a little bit at a time.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Do you like Yogaglo? I think it would be nice to have a guided practice at home so I can relax a bit more!

      I’m working on forearm stand too! I’ve been moving further away from the wall but am too scared to try it completely away from it. How do you get up in your forearm stand? Straight legs or knees to chest? I’m not sure what is right! (I suppose I could stick around after class and ask my instructor. ha!)

      • Lauren

        I usually get into dolphin and put on leg up and sort of kick up into it. I don’t yet have the ab strength to do straight legs or anything. Maybe someday… I try to move further away from the wall a little at a time.

        I really do enjoy yogaglo and it’s only $18 a month. I especially like Tiffany Cruikshank. So many styles, levels and lengths of classes.

  • Tara | Treble in the Kitchen

    Practicing Yoga at home for me is soooo hard! My goal this year is to complete 1 yoga practice a week (baby steps for me!) which I have been pretty successful in doing, but when I do it at home, even a 15 minute practice is hard…I just can’t seem to focus. Something I need to work on 🙂

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I agree – it IS hard! Sometimes I tell myself that I’m just going to do 10 sun salutations and then I can quit. Usually, I’ll do a bit more than that, but sometimes I quit after that. But better than nothing I think! 🙂

  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I really want to get back into practicing yoga at home but to be completely honest with my crazy schedule I have gotten away from it. I really want to get back into it though – it brings me so much joy and happiness! A great way to end the day for sure.

  • Purelytwins

    haha we always say we will do yoga everyday….has not been going to well. So we are starting with once a week then trying two and hopefully over time get better!

  • Livi

    I love doing yoga at home– so calming :)!

  • Amber

    I have an unlimited membership at my yoga studio (which offers hot classes and non hot classes) so I usually go there four-ish times per week. But I really need to get better at doing an at-home practice. There are some days where I just can’t carve out the hour and a half to go to a 75-minute class at my studio but doing 30 minutes of yoga at home would still be super beneficial.

  • Darin

    Off the wall question- what is the make of your humidifier? We go through a lot of them in the winter with my son- he is sensitive to the dryness- this would be a great combo solution for his room ? 🙂

  • Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    I NEED to do more yoga at home! I don’t really have time to commit to any formal classes right now, but my chiropractor has made it clear that I need to dedicate some serious time to stretching to help my back pain. Easier said than done!

  • Sarah

    I’m a yoga teacher, and I’m ashamed to say that I prefer practicing in the studio than at home. I love the inspiration of other teachers. That said, I do practice at home a couple of days a week. I like practicing sequences I teach in my hot yoga class. I think a good play list is the best thing to motivate me to practice at home. When I first began yoga, I was devoted to Rodney Yee. For a year, I was a daily home practicer. He rocks.