Pretty Bummed

I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty bummed out that I can’t run the marathon tomorrow.

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And I decided rather than run the half marathon, to let my knee continue to heal (there are still thick, big scabs and it bruised like crazy after last week’s 7 miler), and to help make the day better for John. This way, I can drive him to the race start so he won’t have to take the bus (which means he can sleep in an hour longer), and then he won’t have to wait in the cold before the race starts. And it’s going to be a coooold morning.

I’m really excited for him. But I’m also pretty bummed out. If John qualifies for Boston, we won’t be able to run it together since registration is in December and there isn’t a marathon I can do before that. Which means, if we want to run Boston together, either he’ll have to defer or he’ll have to qualify again. (uhhh how’s that sound sweetie? 😉 )

But, I’m trying to be positive – this way I can watch him cross the finish line and this way I won’t have to freeze my booty. 😉

Good luck John! You’ll do great! <3

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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Sorry to hear that you won’t be running at all 🙁 But there will always be another race, and your knee needs to heal, so it’s for the best!

    Best of luck to John!

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    It’s a really tough decision, but you’re making the right one. I think you would be even more upset if you tried to run and then it didn’t go well and you had to DNF. I landed in the ER with kidney stones the week before my marathon… I asked if I could still run the marathon and the doctor said, “listen, you can if you want, but you’ll probably be in pain and will likely end up in the ER again. You can always train for another marathon, so why make an already challenging experience even harder (or more painful).” It sucked, but I was able to train for another marathon a few months later.

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    So sorry, my dear friend. I know how hard you worked up until the injury (and after to recovery!) and how disappointing it is. Somehow I have a hunch that your sweet beau won’t think twice about waiting so ya’ll can run together. Good luck to him tomorrow. Hope you are having some pity-party wine tonight to at least soothe the {emotional} pain.

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    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    That really sucks you have to skip out! You are such a good runner and work so hard! Does this mean you have to wait until next year to qualify for the 2015 race? If that is the case just think how damn more amazing you will be! You are one of my favorite blog runners and I totally wish I could get a chance to run with you some day!
    Tell John good luck and I am hoping he knocks it out of the park! For himself and you! 🙂

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    focusing on recovering your health is the most important! you will be back before you know it :)!

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    I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you last time about your knee issues. It seems like you listened to your body and did the right thing, btw. I may be misunderstanding, but you guys are training to qualify for the Boston Marathon, right? The Boston registration is in Sept (the 2014 race registration is closed now- i know because i qualified and attempted to register but didn’t get in, very disappointing because there were too many for the field) so you both have a ton more time to run marathons before next september to qualify for the 2015 race! Go for it!

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