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Healthier Hydration: What the Primo Water purification process removes from your tap water


An overview of the nine-step Primo Water Purification Process and what’s removed from water that comes out of your tap compared.

Happy Sunday! It is a GORGEOUS day outside (65* in December!) but I’ve been inside all day, knocking out some work and house stuff. I’m hoping to wrap up my productivity spree shortly and then spend sometime outside. A walk with Maizey is definitely on the books and I may go hit some balls at the driving range before heading to yoga at 5 if I have enough time! I ran the Mistletoe Half Marathon yesterday and I’ll do a full recap about that soon, but you can read a quick recap about the race on this Instagram post. Today I’m sharing another post as part of my Primo Water partnership and what their purification process removes from tap water. (You can read the first Primo Water blog post here.)

Like I mentioned in the last Primo post, I have a really hard time staying hydrated. And, ironically, that was one of my challenges at the race yesterday — I didn’t hydrate enough before or during the race. It made me laugh a little bit (through the thirst 😉 ) because I knew I would be writing this post. Drinking enough water is something I have to continually focus on…speaking of which, I’m going to fill my water bottle right now. Hold please.

Okay, I’m back. (Seriously, I really did just go fill up my water bottle. Hydration = better writing, right??)

A lot of families at concerned about water quality and want to make sure they have the healthiest choice possibly for their family’s well-being. I think Primo Water is a great choice because it removes a lot of icky things from tap water and it’s much more economical (and better for the environment) than bottled water. See?

Primo Water’s Purification Process removes or significantly reduces the presence of:

  • Chlorine and chlorine by-products
  • Bacteria and parasites
  • Heavy metals including lead
  • Trace levels of pharmaceuticals & more (uh, yikes! didn’t even know that was in water)

One thing I was interested in when I first started exploring Primo Water is how it’s different from other at-home filtered water options. I especially love the chart on this page that shows what Primo Water removes compared to Brita. Holy.

Primo Water’s 9-step purification process:

  1. The Pre-Filtration stage removes large particles from the water that came from a public or spring water source.
  2. Polishing filters remove smaller particles.
  3. A carbon filter then removes odors, tastes, and pharmaceuticals.
  4. A microfiltration system removes microbes.
  5. A softener increases the effectiveness of the filtration.
  6. Next, a reverse osmosis/distillation system purifies the water.
  7. A special blend of minerals is added to perfect the “taste perfection.”
  8. The Ozonization process disinfects the water.
  9. The Bottle Inspection, Sanitation and Filling phase guarantees quality.

I’ll vouch for the taste perfection. It seriously is the best water.

If you happen to live in Winston-Salem, you can do the water exchange from home. It’s pretty amazing. I set out on my porch two empty bottles, texted the Primo Water on Demand number and two filled bottles were swapped out. I’ll share more about that soon!

I’d love to hear if you have ever been concerned about water quality and if you use a water filter. If so, what do you use?

Thank you to Primo Water for sponsoring this post and keeping me hydrated!

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