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Prints Works Bistro Brunch

Yesterday, I met up with Leslie Ann from LAQ Fitness for brunch. We became blogging/twitter friends a little bit ago so I was thrilled when she moved to NC. She made reservations for us and one of her friends, Katie (who was so sweet), at Print Works Bistro. I’d been there for dinner and it was fabulous but I’d never been there for brunch. It was equally fabulous. (Why do I keep saying “fabulous”???)

All three of us ordered the exact same thing: Black coffee + the Eggs Norwegian with gluten-free bread, hollandaise on the side.

IMG 4444

It was toast with smoked salmon + a poached egg on top with a side of steamed spinach. Seriously, amazing. 

IMG 4450

I need to recreate it at home. I think the biggest thing will be to find a high-quality smoked salmon. Any brand recommendations?

Katie, Leslie Ann, and I had a great time chatting all things fitness, work and life. The more Leslie Ann and I get to know each other, the more we realize how much we have in common, and not just health and fitness. I feel so lucky for all the many friends I’ve made through blogging (including many of my readers, most of you whom I’ve never met but consider friends! 🙂 )

If you’re local, considering making a trip to Prints Works Bistro for brunch. It is worth the drive, even if you don’t typically go to Greensboro! (It’s only 30 minutes from me but I just never go to Greensboro. It feels so far away. haha!)  If your’e not local, you should try recreating this simple yet amazingly delicious savory dish.

How do you feel about smoked salmon? It feels like one of those polarizing foods. I’m not generally a huge fan but this one was hardly smokey so I really liked it. 

Also, do you like runny yolks? That seems to be another polarizing thing! I’m a big big big fan. Especially if I have toast to dip into it.

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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    My husband LOVES runny eggs & smoked salmon — this meal is right up his alley! Me? Not so much haha! 🙂

  • Reply

    Print Works is so fabulous. haha
    But seriously, it is my favorite fancy treat restaurant. I’ve only been for dinner, but I’ll definitely have to check it out for brunch because I am all about some eggs benedict. My problem with them is that making hollandaise sauce seems so intimidating, so if you want to go ahead and make some and show me how easy it is, I would be forever grateful.

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      haha I actually have never made hollandaise sauce! I didn’t even use the hollandaise sauce with this meal because it had loads of butter and I can’t have dairy (Boo).

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    that smoked salmon and egg, wow!! love a runny yolk!

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    smoked salmon is so good! Anything with salmon really!

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    Brenda Breining

    I’m strictly a scrambled eggs girl.

    TJ’s has GREAT smoked salmon—all sized packages and from various places.

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    i love runny yolks! i’m fine with hard yolks too, unless they’re hard-boiled

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