How to Build a Better Salad + 30 Easy Recipes


Do you struggle to make salads at home that actually taste good? Do you wonder why you like salads when you eat out but not at home? If so, this ebook is for you!

  • 30+ of my go-to recipes!
  • Grocery List
  • My template for fool-proof salads!


Creating amazing salads just takes a simple template that you can tweak to your personal preferences. It’s all about textures and flavor combinations to satisfy your taste buds and a healthy balance of macros to keep you full (carbs, protein and fat).

This ebook includes all my tips to build a better salad and 30 of my favorite salad combinations.

  • 30+ of my go-to recipes – the ones I make over and over!
  • Grocery List – what I personally buy and keep stocked in my kitchen for easy, delicious salads!
  • My Custom Salad Template to teach you how to make great salads without a recipe!



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