Running 101 – all my best advice for runners



I’m soooo happy that you want to learn more about running, whether you’ve never run a mile or are inspired to dust off your running shoes. I’ve been running for 20 years (CRAZY), and I vividly remember the first time I ran more than 5 miles – I was 15. Since then, I’ve run two marathons, three 24 hour relay races, 20 half marathons and countless 5Ks and 10Ks.

I always love hearing from other runners, and over the years, by way of my blog A Foodie Stays Fit I’ve received countless running questions via email and social media. That has created loads of tried and true feedback that – until now – has been floating around without a nice tidy home.

So to make things easy peasy (so you can get to running), I’ve compiled my best advice for getting started and my top tips to the top questions. This program is geared for newbies and those looking to re-energize their running.

Inside, you’ll find advice on:

  • Getting started
  • My favorite gear
  • Fueling advice
  • Injury prevention tips (that
    I’ve learned the hard way)
  • Tips to stay motivated
  • And more!

Pssst! I’m launching an online course that goes more in depth on all of the topics in this ebook, including videos and live coaching sessions! Be sure to get on the waitlist for that course here!!

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    Does this include a training schedule?

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