Q. Do you have any tips for starting to run in Vibram FiveFingers?

A. Sure do! Check out my Vibram FiveFingers page.

Q. What is your favorite book on nutrition or something great you have read, that helped you learn the truth about health and the types of foods you should be eating?

A.  If I could suggest only one book on health and nutrition that you read, my choice would be, hands down, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen. (You can get it used on Amazon for around $3.) I would also strongly suggest you watch the movie Food, Inc. (which is available through Netflix, if you have a subscription).

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Other excellent reads related to eating are Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink and Clean Food by Terry Walters (this cookbook has a great, informative introduction).

mindless_eating_cover Source cleanfood-cvr Source

One book that is on my to-read list that I expect to be very informative is The China Study.


I also learn a lot from other health bloggers, particularly Gena and Ashley.

A piece of advice as you start to read: really analyze what you read. I think a lot about everything that I read and don’t blindly accept what others say. You have to process what you learn and decide what will and won’t work for you. But some things are true no matter what or how much you try to justify something. Ok, stepping down from the stairs to the soapbox before I get on top. :)

Q. Do you have a good recipe book or recipe website where you get your healthy recipes from?!

A. Some of my favorite sources for healthy recipes are Clean Food, Peas & Thank You101 Cookbooks, The Edible Perspective, and the Skinny Bitch Ultimate Everyday Cookbook.

Q. How many children do you want to have (if any)?

Currently, I’m happy with my dog child.


Q. What religion do you believe in?

A. The only religion that shall be discussed on this blog is my devotion to good food and a good sweat session. :)

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Q. What do you think of P90X? Sorry, I’ve never tried it. but I’ve heard great things from many people who have gotten great results. However, from what I know, I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners who are just starting a fitness program. Someday, I’d love to try P90X and the Insanity workouts myself!

Q. Who is better: Locke or Widmore? Widmore, hands down.

Q. Why do you love Desmond so much? Probably a combination of the hair (although not so much in this picture :) ), the accent, and the frequency with which he says “brotha.”


Got more questions? Ask! I’ll post answers here (assuming your questions are appropriate, that is).


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    Sarah @ Daily Nibbles

    Hi Teri! We met at the Foodbuzz Taste Pavilion. I didn’t have a card, but told you that I would comment on your site. Your site is so incredibly cute. Love it! I had to comment here because I too have a Desmond obsession. {Just typing this makes me miss Lost.} And yes, it was the accent and frequent “brotha” comments that I believe did it for me:)

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    I love that you are a LOST fan! Aren’t you said it’s over? I just stumbled on your blog and it’s really entertaining! Boxers are one of my favorite breeds, so I can’t wait for more Maizey pictures!

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    Hey Teri! Love reading your blog. I miss your face.

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