Review: Vin 205 Wine Bar & Restaurant

Last night, I headed to the newest exhibit at the Reynolda House for the Power Thursday event with a couple friends. 

IMG 8024

I was excited to Star Power exhibit and to attend on a Power Thursday, where they have live entertainment, wine, food and mingling. The Reynolda House is kind of a hidden gem in Winston-Salem. Not hidden, as in no one knows about it, but that it seems no one goes to to it! So many people say they’ve lived here for years and never been. The house is very cool to tour and the exhibits in the gallery are always great. 

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After we checked out the portraits, we were famished. They had food there from Village Tavern but it was full of cheese and wheat. No can do. I just realized that Debbie and I not only matched each other, but we also matched the door. Brilliant. 🙂

IMG 8028

We headed to Vin 205, the wine bar/restaurant attached to Wine Merchants (across from Thruway, for you locals). I’d been into the wine store before and peaked into Vin 205 but had never eaten there. 

IMG 8029

They had a great deal last night – 3 courses with wine pairings for $30. Um yes please. The chef said they could easily work around my dietary restrictions. IMG 8032

I knew it was going to be good when I saw goat-cheese stuff dates wrapped in prosciutto on the menu. I had to order them for an appetiter. They. were. incredible. 

IMG 8034

The first course was cioppino seafood soup. Lots of tasty seafood, perfectly seasoned tomato base. Helllloooo my little mussel. Come to mama.IMG 8036

I think the soup-wine pairing was the absolute best. They went PERFECTLY together. Guess that’s what happens when the pros pair the wine with the food. 

IMG 8037

I asked to snap a picture of the bottle because I liked it so much – I need to recreate that little meal.

IMG 8038

Second course was roasted veggies with a balsamic dressing. Simple, tasty, delicious. The red went well with it. This course wasn’t anything over the top special, but solidly good.

IMG 8039

The final course was a cornish hen with a red wine reduction, stuffing and spinach. Served with a cabernet and a tempranillo. 

IMG 8061

Two wines with one course? I could get used to this. The chicken was delicious. 

IMG 8043

They didn’t have any dairy-free/GF dessert but they brought out a giant plate of fruit. Perfect way to end the meal. Minus that nasty nasty cantaloup. Eew, I hate cantaloup.
IMG 8064

But the strawberries? Quite pleased with those. 

IMG 8065

It was such a fun night with fun friends, laughter, and great food and wine. 

IMG 8072

Bottom line: DEFINITELY recommend Vin 205, especially if you can get the prix fixe meal. The wine served with each course wasn’t a full glass, but plenty to go with the food.

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    Oh I love Vin 205! I only ate there once when I lived there which is such a shame!
    It’s also a shame that I fell into the “never visiting the Reynolda Manor” category despite the fact that I drove past it every single day on my way to work!

    • Reply

      Hi, Anne,

      There’s always time to fix the “never visiting Reynolda” category! We hope you’ll come visit us soon. Our extended hours on Thursday nights continue through March 21 (and it’s only $5!).


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    goat-cheese stuff dates – yes please!
    looks like fun, we love tasting different wines, we also need to get better at pairing wines with our food better 🙂

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    Looks like an awesome dinner!
    Question, are you continuing to eat dairy and gluten free because it is helping your skin? I believe I remember that is the reason you started. I am curious to know if it has cleared your breakouts (I have problem skin as well, at 27 years old). 🙂

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I’ve been meaning to blog about this. I do think cleaning out dairy and wheat/gluten has helped, particularly wheat/gluten. I think the biggest difference in my skin has been using Simone France. I’ve tried so many products and it’s worked the best. I still get small breakouts around my period and it does flare up after I have wheat, but nothing like before. I know Simone France is expensive. but for me, it’s worth it. They always have 20% off sales too!

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    Thanks for the great blog post, so happy that you made Reynolda House and Star Power Thursday a part of your experience. Love that you matched our Reynolda green!

    We’re always looking for new, creative food sponsorships, so let us know if you ideas that would offer gluten & dairy-free options.

    We hope it won’t be so long next time! 🙂

    Sarah Smith
    Director of Marketing & Communications at Reynolda House

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