10 Tips to Not Hate Hot Summer Running

Running in the heat and humidity of the summer can be dangerous, but with these tips, you can train safely all summer long.  I don’t know about the weather where you live, but it is freaking HOT in Winston-Salem. HOT & HUMID. I love running outside but with weather like this, it can be downright dangerous (especially if you’re running while pregnant!), not to mention miserable. But with a few easy tweaks to your running routine, hot miles can feel a little better. And, maybe, just maybe you’ll grow to like them. When I’m not focused on my pace (Tip #7!), I am able to appreciate just how much I’m sweating which is oddly satisfying. Did you know that as sweat evaporates it cools you down? Although, I do love my summer runs in Utah when I don’t finish my runs completely drenched!! (I hope I can visit soon!) I guess it’s fair to say I just love running, period. Running in the Heat Here are a couple common questions I get from readers and followers about running during the summer months. Is it bad to run to run in hot weather? Running in hot weather isn’t bad. But being … Continue reading 10 Tips to Not Hate Hot Summer Running