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Should you run if you have a cold? (I did.)

I haven’t been feeling well for a couple days and I’ve been having the debate with myself of “Should you run if you have a cold?” Well, I did. And it didn’t kill me. 

I really, really can’t believe Christmas is 3 days away. I guess I’m starting to get in the holiday spirit now that I’ve watched Love Actually and I currently have Elf on. I’ve been fighting a cold the past two days and I’m really hoping it’s totally gone by the weekend when we head to Boone for Christmas. Sometimes I feel 80% okay and other times (like most of the day yesterday), I feel absolutely awful. But I think I’m on the mend.

I went to the store last night and snagged some ginger and turmeric root to make a tea that my friend Erin suggested. It’s working wonders, I swear. I’ve never used fresh turmeric before and was shocked at how vibrant orange it was! I used a zester to grate about 1/2″ of ginger and turmeric root into my tea pot and topped with boiling water. Then, after it steeped for a few minutes, I poured it into a mug with some honey and lemon. And I repeated that about 4 times today, adding a little more ginger and turmeric each time I steeped. You can steep it right in the water too ut I just love using my little tea pot. 🙂

turmeric ginger lemon tea for colds

I also got some pho from Teeter Thai last night. It’s by far the best pho I’ve had in Winston (not that there are many places to get it really). It’s not on their menu but apparently they have a secret menu? How am I just learning this?!

thai sawatdee pho winston salem (I posted this on snapchat – username terilynhutchie).

And then I snuggled with Maizey on the couch for hours while watching The Walking Dead (and by watching I mean covering my eyes for about 1/3 of each episode). It was nice to have a very low key night.

Shirt ($18!) | necklace

Should you run if you have a cold?

Today, the weather today was beautiful – clear skies and 60 degrees! I love randomly warm days in the winter in the South. I snuck out for a lunch run since I was feeling okayish. My general rule of thumb about working out when sick is the “neck rule”.

  • If I feel icky above the neck only (stuffy nose, headache, mild sore throat), I tend to feel okay during and after a workout.
  • If I feel icky below the neck (body aches, stomach woes), I always regret it when I try to work out.

I definitely felt okay during and after this run. Not 100% for sure, but I was glad I went. I think the sunshine and warm air helped me more than anything!

should you run if you have a cold?

Garmin Forerfunner | shorts | shoes | favorite socks

Maizey also loved the sunshine on our afterwork walk.

I went to CrossFit this evening since it was a deadlift day (my favorite!). Although I was a bit nervous going in that it might make me feel worse, I felt so much better after I finished – even better than after my run. I ate leftover pho for dinner and I’m drinking more tea tonight, just in case that cold wants to stick around.

top tier crossfit winston salem review nike metcon 2 women's review

shirt (only $19!) | Fabletics leggings | Crossfit Nike Metcon 2 shoes | bra | coat

Alright, I’m off to watch some more Walking Dead! Tommy is in Pinehurst for a few days (I love that place!!) and I had to call him last night because I was all freaked out after an episode. Oops.

I really hope you all have a wonderful next few days leading up to the holidays!

How do you decide when to workout if you’re sick?


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    Sometimes I go for a run when I’m just getting over a cold/virus- I figure I’d rather spend a few extra days in that “not quite over it” phase than get all grouchy at not being able to get outdoors! It’s a bit of a trade off but I’m happy with it!

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    question for you… your eye lashes what are you doing to achieve the look? Thank you! Happy New Year~

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      They’re eyelash extensions. I was super hesitant about them (pricey + nervous they’d look crazy), but I’ve been really really happy with them. I’m not sure I’ll be able to justify keeping them up but I’m loving them for now! I got them done in Utah and they were about 1/3 the cost of any place I’ve found in NC. :/

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        I noticed how great your eyelashes look, too. 🙂

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