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Last Week’s Workouts + the joy of running without a training plan!

It felt great to just go with the flow in my workouts and do what my body (and mind!) craved. There is definitely a joy to running without a training plan! Here’s what my workouts looked like last week!


Tu – 7.5 miles; 7:24 pace 

  • 5 mile tempo (at 7:05 min pace) + warm-up and cool-down. The wind was BRUTAL on this run so I was really  happy with my paces.

    Tank | sports bra | cap (old): similar here

W – 4.7 miles with Ali, 8:36 pace  + driving range

Ali and I were mistaken for sisters after this run when we grabbed coffee. It happens ALL the time…or people just straight-up confuse us entirely. She’s been congratulated multiple times on getting engaged…and she has 4 kids. ha! We both love it!

I was so stressed after work, so I skipped Crossfit even though the workout looked great. Instead, I went to the driving range and hit balls for almost two hours while Tommy did the WOD. I really love hitting balls when I am stressed because you can’t think about anything else and HAVE to focus on what you’re doing. It’s almost meditative since it forces mindfulness.

Top | cap (old): similar here

Unless, of course, I’m hitting it terribly, then it’s NOT relaxing. 😉 But luckily it was a good day on the range. I felt so refreshed afterwards (and it’s a nice break for my body!).

Skirt | shoes | golf club

Th- Track day! 4×800, 4×400, 4×200 + warmup & cooldown

  • 800s at a 6:45 pace, 400s at 6:30 pace, and 200s at a 5:45 pace
  • I ended up getting in 8 miles and averaging a 7:50 pace. I did a 400m jog between each repeat (although I only did 200m jog between the 200m repeats).
  • Holy yikes, there was a major headwind. But hey, at least it gave me a tailwind too. 😉 I really love interval work when I get myself out there. And I’m enjoying shorter speed work after the marathon. (Interval training is one of the 7 ways I increased my running speed!)

Shoes | Swiftwick socks

F- REST. I took Maizey on a nice long walk instead.

Sa- 8 miles; 8:00 pace. I did this on the treadmill because it was so windy. Yes, I hate the wind that much. It was actually really nice to zone out on the treadmill and just listen to music. I also did some brainstorming and problem solving while running. 🙂

Tank | shorts | shoes | bag

Su- 6.2 miles; 7:51 pace. I procrastinated this run until 4 PM and almost skipped it, but I’m always glad when I get out there (especially when I get to run by Graylyn, our wedding venue!).

Tank (I want all the colors!!) | sports bra | hat (very very old, ahem 10+ years old): similar here 

Total Miles: 34.4 miles

How I’m feeling: Great! My hamstring is a little tight, but overall I’m feeling healthy and strong. I couldn’t believe I was almost at 35 miles last week though! My weekly goal is 25 miles to keep me motivated without a race, but running just felt so good last week. I’ve been doing Crossfit more this week, and I love the flexibility to just do the workouts that I want. During marathon training, I was always worried about being too sore from Crossfit to do my key training runs and the freedom from a structured plan is so nice!

If you’re trained for a race before (any distance!), did you get worried about other workouts impacting your key runs? It’s such a hard balance when you enjoy lots of activities! 


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    Yes! When I’m training I’m always worried to do a new workout right before a long run or a speed run because I’m worried I will be sore and it will “ruin” the training. I’m really impressed you got 34 miles without too much planning!

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