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San Francisco in 1.5 days

Heyyyy! Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind week for me. I flew out at 7 AM on Tuesday headed to San Francisco, had a few meetings that afternoon, and a team dinner that night. I was in meetings all day Wednesday and then flew home Thursday AM, leaving the city at 5:30 AM PST. It was a good work trip, but I’m always itching for more playtime!

But, I’m lucky that I was able to get in a little fun! I met my best running buddy Anna for a friend on Wednesday morning and it was so nice. Great catching up with her, great having company while running and great to be out in that amazing city! We ran down Market Street and then along the Embarcadero as the sun was rising.

San Francisco-4

That night we met up for dinner and Anna, per usual, picked out a great spot, B*Star in Inner Richmond. I’d never had Burmese food…it was amazing. It reminded me a little bit of Thai food. We started with their brussels sprouts which were incredible. Then we shared a tea leaf salad and split two entrees – basil tofu curry and pumpkin pork stew. It was such a fun girl’s night; I really miss Anna and feel so lucky I’ve been able to see her a number of times in the last year! (The last time was her bachelorette party in Sonoma in April!)

San Francisco-7San Francisco-8

I also had an amazing lunch when I got to the city. I looked on Yelp and saw a highly rated Thai restaurant, Chabaa Thai, that was only 2 minutes away from my hotel. I got there and it looked like a total hole in the wall which I always take as a good sign. (Doesn’t that always seem to be the case??)

San Francisco-3

The interior was tiny, but I was able to walk right in and get a seat. San Francisco-1

The service was super fast and the prices were super cheap and most importantly, the food was AMAZING. It’s rare I have Thai food that rivals my beloved Teeter Thai and this was just as good…mayyyybe a wee bit better.

San Francisco-2

I landed last night and was welcome by this gorgeous sunset.

San Francisco-9

I love visiting CA, but it’s always nice to come home, especially when I have these two waiting for me.


Have a great day friends!

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    Gah! I love reading about your SF adventures – because next time I’m in “the city” (apparently its nick name – which caught me off guard when I first moved to CA, asking people where they were from and I was all … yah? and what city do you live in? Lol) I can check out a few of these places. Luckily I’m only a 30-40 minute drive up the road haha.

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    I don’t even know your BF and I LOVE him!!! 🙂
    You are amazing- Rock on GF!

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