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Six Neutral Sandals for Spring

A round-up of cute neutral sandals for spring, including flat, wedge and heeled options! 

One of the best parts of spring is changing my wardrobe, both for daily wear and for running! (That, and all the gorgeous spring blossoms on the trees!!) I love trading in my dark sweaters for colorful dresses, and I get really excited about wearing sandals after a season of booties. I’ve been eyeing a few cute pairs of neutral sandals that can be worn with my whole closet. All of the options in this post will work with shorts, jeans or dresses.

My advice for sandal shopping boils down to three things: (1) A new pair needs to go with most things I already own. (2) It needs to be a timeless style if pricey and more affordable if trendier. And (3) sandals have to be comfortable!! If you’re looking to spurge on something for a night out, go big with nice heels or a timeless heeled sandal (on sale!). But save simple, comfy sandals for your daily looks! Sandals are typically on the cheaper side of shoes so it’s an easy way to spruce up your closet a bit. (Although one of my favorite pairs was much pricier and has lasted me 4+ years so sometimes an investment pair is worth it!).

Here are some other fun picks!

Neutral Sandals for Spring and Summer

Madewell Holly Ankle-strap Sandal 

This sandal is perfect for dressing up any outfit just a tad. I love the wooden heel detail and the ankle strap. I’m trying to wear more sandals with an ankle strap to prevent my plantar fasciitis from flaring, so these are perfect. Get them here.

TKEES Gemma Sandal

These flip flops are pretty and feminine! They are flat and basic, so I would probably wear them to the pool and beach rather than walking in them all day. I love all of the color options, and they are priced well at $50. I’d pair them with jean shorts and a simple blouse (this is my current favorite).  Get them here.

Steve Madden Travel Flat Sandal

I wore these Steve Madden sandals all summer while I was pregnant and they were super comfortable. I was surprised by how much I wore them because of the studs, but they honestly felt neutral. They’re under $70, and I love the ankle strap. Get them here. See them on me here.

Neutral Sandals for Spring and Summer

Dress ($22!)

Antonia Double Bow Slide Sandal

These are such a cute alternative to regular slides with the leather bows. They’d pair well with shorts or a denim skirt. Get them here.

‘Myrna 2.0’ Cork Wedge Sandal

These are flattering and simple for a wedge sandal. I’ve had Kork-Ease sandals before and LOVED them. They’re so comfortable. For dresses or jeans, these are the perfect wedge. Get them here.

Mariella Ankle Strap Sandal

I love how strappy these sandals are. They’re flat, which makes them easy to wear all day, but the straps feel more fun than your basic summer sandals. They come in a few other colors that I love too. Get them here!

Shop even more cute options!


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