SPIBelt Q&A + Giveaway Winner

Hey guys! Thanks for all your entries into the SPIBelt giveaway! I know I said it before, but I LOVED reading what y’all love most about running. I found myself nodding as I read your comments, totally relating and understanding so many of the feelings shared. Read the comments if you need running motivation! I’m seriously bookmarking it to help me on days when I just don’t feel like running.

I got a few questions about the SPIBelt so I wanted to address those here since some people asked the same questions, and I thought others may benefits from the answers too. And…of course, I gotta announce the winner!

Does it fit an iPhone 6? I don’t have an iPhone 6 so I can’t personally vouch for it, but I asked my friend who recommended the SPIbelt to me originally and he said his iPhone 6 fits just fine. The pouch is stretchy so I think it’d fit just about anything…except maybe the iPhone 6 Plus, but who on earth wants to run with that?? (If you run with that, please fess up. 😉 )

Where do I wear it so it doesn’t bounce? I wear it just below my hip bones and tighten the straps pretty snug. And I wear the pouch in the front. I haven’t tried it with it in the back.

Do I like it better than the FlipBelt? I do, actually. And you guys know how obsessed I’ve been with my FlipBelt. But, I’ve had issues with it riding up a lot lately. I compared it to my mom’s FlipBelt when I was visiting her in Utah (we have the same size), and mine was wayyyy bigger so I think it just got stretched out. Granted, I’ve had it for a few years, so I suppose that makes sense, but I like that the SPIBelt has an adjustable waistband to help address that issue. I think the SPIBelt is more comfortable though, even before I had issues with the FlipBelt stretching out. But…I can stuff a lot more in the FlipBelt, which is nice on longer runs where I’m toting fuel.

Alright, onto the winner! Congrats Jaime! Good luck with your marathon!!


For the rest of you, you can get 10% off a SPIbelt with this promo code through January 31, 2015: foodie15

Let me know if you guys have any other questions about the SPIbelt!

(Thanks again to the folks at SPIbelt for the freebie for me, the freebie for the giveaway winner, and the promo code!)

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    Thanks Teri!! Can’t believe I actually won! I’m so excited to try the spibelt, I’ve never run with a belt of any sort before so I’m really looking forward to it! Thanks again!!!

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