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5 things to make summer running a little better

Running in the summer can be kind of miserable. From the oppressive heat to the excessive sweat to sunburns and constant thirst, it’s easy to get discouraged. I have five things that help my summer runs feel a little more tolerable.

And remember, all the gear in the world can’t make up for what your body will tell you in hot, tough conditions. Slow down when you need to, take walking breaks, and call it quits if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. This post has more tips for running in the heat!

My 5 must-have items for running in the summer

summer running tips

1. Seat cover for my car

I use a seat cover in my car year round, but it becomes especially essential in the summer when I’m dripping in sweat post-workout. I hate the feeling of sitting in my sweat, and I try to take good care of my car. It gets even nastier in the summer when sunscreen gets mixed with the sweat.

I have a Weathertech one that’s specifically designed for my car and I LOVE IT. But, this one from Amazon looks very similar and is cheaper.

2. Sweatproof Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a MUST if you run in the daylight, and especially if you run between 10-2. But really, anytime I run when the sun is up, I put on sunscreen. I personally use Beautycounter sunscreen since I sweat a LOT and this stays on for my sweatiest, most humid runs. I use the lotion on my body and the stick on my face.

Another nice thing about Beautycounter’s sunscreen is that it doesn’t leave as intense of a white cast that most mineral sunscreens do. They also have a tinted mist sunscreen too if you REALLY don’t like any white cast.

I ALWAYS choose a mineral sunscreen over a chemical based one since chemical based sunscreens damage coral reefs. And if they kill coral, I wonder what do they do to our body. But, the bottom line is, WEAR SUNSCREEN. This post from my friend Paula (who is running in the 2020 Olympic Trials, no big deal) is a good reminder of why it’s so important for runners in particular.

3. Water bottle that I carry on my run

Even when I don’t think I need water because it doesn’t feel that hot or my run isn’t that long, I have a rule that I carry water no matter what in the summer. The heat and humidity can really creep up, and I’ve had severe dehydration in the past when I got lost on a run and ended up with blood in my stool. (And I really should have taken myself to the ER.)

I use a Nathan water bottle that has a hand strap which makes it easy to hold, but some people prefer bottle belts. Try both and see what works best for you!

4. Goodr Sunglasses

I LOVE THESE THINGS. I have literally five pairs of Goodrs since they don’t bounce and they slip, even on the sweatiest days. Plus, they’re only $25!

I’ve had the black pair pictured above for over 3 years, and I bought a couple new ones at the pop-up store in Boston, including the pink ones I’m wearing below. New running sunglasses seemed like a great post-race reward.

Also, I’ve yet to meet anyone – male or female – who doesn’t like their Goodrs so they seem to flatter all faces!

goodr sunglasses


5. Electrolyte supplements

Maintaining proper electrolytes levels is key for runners. (Read more about why here.) And supplementing with electrolytes becomes even more important in the summer months when you sweat more, which is how you lose electrolytes.

I supplement in a few different ways, including salt tabs pre-run, nuun or Vega hydrator during my run and coconut water post run.

What do you change up for summer running? Any must-have summer running gear?


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