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My must-have summer workout gear – cute outfits for every workout type!

Now that the 4th of July is behind us, I feel like summer is truly in full swing. One thing that I’ve wanted to do since the warmer temperatures arrived is to clean out my workout clothes and add in some brighter, cute summer workout gear. Some of my stuff is old and very worn out (i.e. running shorts that are 5+ years old – GROSS) and most of it is very dark (gray, navy, black). I have a few brighter tanks and I find myself reaching for them over and over.

So, I finally ordered a couple brighter tops and bottoms, and am trying to decide what to get next. I’ve also been trying to buy “outfits” since I really do love it when my workout clothes match…and honestly, it’s so rare that it happens. I used to never care, but I’ve found that I just feel cuter and more confident when I love my workout outfit, and hey, if it helps me kick it on my tempo runs a little bit more, I’ll take it. (You can see my weekly workouts here.)

Cool Summer Vibes

1 – I love this bright color & think it’d be so cute under white tops.

2 – I’m obsessed with mint green lately, and I like tanks that are a little bit looser since I can always tie a knot in them if I want them to be snugger.

3 – I have this bra and LOVE it. It’s so soft and provides enough support for running without being a nightmare to get on and off.

4 – I love all the tie-detailing on workout clothes right now. This is subtle but cute.

5 – I have the black version of this watch and am OBSESSED. I cannot run without it. But the new green version makes me swoon.

6 – I used to shy away from white workout tops because I was worried they’d get dirty. But, I just really love them, and I’ve seen a few people at CrossFit wear white tops. If they can do it, so can I! (See also: bleach 😉 )

7 – Love this shade of blue and the wide waistband.

8 & 9 – I like having a pair of “normal” sneakers that aren’t my running shoes and aren’t CrossFit shoes (since those can be heavy to create stability when lifting). I use my normal sneakers to walk Maizey and for CrossFit workouts that have a lot of rebounding (box jumps, double unders, etc.). These are cute & look comfy.

10 – Again, mint green everything please. Thanks. Love the moto detailing on these.



Warm Summer Vibes

1 – I want this bra in every color, but especially the hot pink.

2 – I have these sneakers in dark gray & coral and am OBSESSED. (Read my review here.) But holy, the pink ones are calling my name.

3 – This bra comes in 3 colors and has the cutest detailing on the back.

4 – I really like the cut of this tank. I feel like it’d be super flattering + provide extra coverage, which is a nice bonus.

5 – J.Crew’s collaboration with New Balance has me swooning. These capris are 30% off right now too!

6 – I have this tank and wear it an embarrassing amount. Like I told ya, I need more color in my workout wardrobe.


8 – I have these shoes in dark gray + purple, but they are really worn out. (Read my review here.) I love this color combo and also love that you can customize a pair with Nike, which I may do.

9 – I ordered these shorts yesterday and can’t wait for them to arrive! Having bright shorts will give my dark tanks some more life.



Do you have any fun summer workout clothes you’re loving? Share links in the comments!


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    Do you program workouts on your watch? Just wondering if you use/like that feature and how easy it is to use. I have the Garmin 35 and I always thought it was enough. I’m in week one of marathon training and just learned I could program workouts and send them to my watch if I had the 235. That might be nice for tempos or speed or anytime I want to hit a pace, like next week I have 5 miles of alternating 8:30/7:30.

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Ah, I never have which is silly! It’s one of the main perks of having the 235 and I’ve never take the time to figure it out. But all my friends use it religiously!!

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