Super Sweaty/Super Simple StairClimber Workout

I love the stairclimber. It always kicks my butt. But, whenever I see John on the stairclimber I realize that he REALLY gets a great workout, so I asked him which setting he does. He sets it to the Interval setting and then manually adjusts it throughout the workout to increase the speed on each “up” interval. I tried it this morning. Holy. Moly. 

I set my Resting rate to 75 and started my Work rate to 95. I kept the Resting rate at 75 the whole time, and then every time it would go to a Work rate, I’d bump it up 5 speeds. So, by the end, my working rate was 130. On this machine, the resting rate was 2 minutes long and the working rate was 2 minutes long.

It ended up looking like this:

0-2 minutes: 75 speed, warm-up

3-4 minutes: 95 speed

5-6 minutes: 75 speed

7-8 minutes: 100 speed

9-10 minutes: 75 speed

11-12 minutes: 105 speed

13-14 minutes: 75 speed

15-16 minutes: 110 speed

17-18 minutes: 75 speed

19-20 minutes: 115 speed

21-22 minutes: 75 speed

23-24 minutes: 120 speed

24-25 minutes: 75 speed

26-27 minutes: 125 speed/130  speed (I kicked it up an extra 5 on the second minute of the interval)

28-29 minutes: 75 speed, cool down.

I was drenched with sweat by the end – including my forearms! – and felt great! Give it a try!

IMG 3793

Happy sweating! 🙂

Do you use the programmed settings on machines or use manual and control it during your workout? I usually doing a programmed setting but this was a nice combo. Not too much work to manage the intensity, but harder than the program.

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    I usually use manual and play around with the settings as I go, but sometimes I’ll switch it up and just let the machine do all the work for me. I haven’t been on the stairclimber in ages. I definitely need to throw it back into my rotation again. This workout looks killer!

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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    I’ve never actually used the stair climber before — the small gym we usually go to doesn’t have one 🙁

    Perhaps we’ll have to go to another location this week so I can try it out!

    Have a great weekend!

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I usually plan out my own workouts ahead of time, but I have played around with the pre-set ones off and on. Looks like a great workout!

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    Lauren @ sassy molassy

    I don’t go to a gym anymore, but when I did, man, the stair master was killer. Def the hardest cardio machine in my opinion! I like to do strength circuits now at home with cardio bursts made up of burpees, squat jumps, etc when I want to do non running cardio stuff.

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    Christine Whittington

    Wow. I had never used the stair climber until tonight, after reading your blog entry. I bike and am a walker–5-10 miles at a time, several times a week, and have completed two half-marathons. I can’t run due to a total hip replacement almost 10 years ago–not allowed. Before that, I was a runner for 30 years. The stair climber almost killed me! I set it at 50 for resting and 75 for workout, and stayed on less than 5 minutes! I am so glad to discover a workout that will give me the cardio that running used to.

    Thanks, Teri–this is going to be a regular workout for me!

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    I love the stair climber! I need to use it more often!

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    Chicago Jogger

    This looks like an awesome workout! I usually only do the stair climber for 10 minutes at the end of a treadmill workout, so this is very impressive:)

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