Sweetened or Unsweetened?

I itch alllll over. Tonight I made blackened chicken with a kale/cilantro/avocado salad – it was delicious, recipe soon. That’s not why I itch – I’ll get there. When cooking the blackened chicken I filled my entire house with smoke. Even with all the windows open and the ceiling fans on. Is there a way to avoid smoking up your house when blackening chicken (or salmon)?? I mean, it’s seriously tasty shiz but come on! I was coughing so much from the smoke and spices that I had to eat outside. And then I got eaten alive by mosquitos. Hence the itching. GAH!

Anyway, dinner was tasty. It was a nice light meal after a quick workout on the stairclimber at the gym. I love the view when leaving my gym. Sometimes if I time it just right, I have an awesome view of the sunrise or sunset. 

IMG 0042

Makes me happy. See! Happy. 

IMG 0039

I tried to take Maizey on a walk tonight but it was a disaster. She stopped to lay in people’s yards every 5 steps. Not exaggerating. Poor pup can’t handle the humidity or heat. 

Another highlight of the night: a long convo with my lovely friend Holly. You may know her as The Healthy Everythingtarian. AKA the designer of my blog. AKA the designer who is fixing my blog after I messed up the pretty sidebar. (Oops.)

And now, I’m winding down, delaying getting in bed because I hate the bedtime routine (it takes forever to get ready for bed!), and sipping on a Metromint water (that was sent to me for free).

IMG 0017

I’ve had two today: the Goodberry Mint and now the Peppermint. They are so refreshing – awesome on a sauna-hot summer day like today. Or after a strongly flavored meal when you need to freshen up your breath. [If you follow my Facebook page, you know why that’s important. 😉 ] I’m intrigued by the other flavors – including chocolate mint – so I’ll let you know when I try them. They don’t have any sugar added, which is nice – I’m generally not a fan of sweetened drinks. 

IMG 0041Alright, I really need to get myself in bed. Time to start the routine: remove eye make-up, wash my face, floss, brush, gargle, PJs, read. The last two are the best. 🙂

Do you like sweetened drinks? I like almost everything unsweetened – coffee, tea, wine. 😉 I’ve never really liked juice or soda. I’ve had true Southern sweet tea which is tasty for about two sips…then I can’t take it. 

PS – my friend is hosting a giveaway on her blog. If you have a man in your life, you’ll want to check it out. [your chances of winning are pretty darn good right now! go quick – it ends this Thursday evening, 7/18.]

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I am almost the exact opposite! I like anything that is sweetened though sometimes I do like an unsweetened drink from time to time. In the morning and at night I like the sweetness to be toned down some!

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    unsweetened all the way 🙂

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