The Best Part of Coming Home from Vacation

Picking up this little nugget. Man I missed that pup. 

IMG 9923

I sat in the parking lot for like 10 minutes and snuggled the heck out of her. She loved it, I promise. Now she’s crashed out on her bed, snoring. It’s a tough life going to play with fun people who spoil her rotten. [I love the boarding facility she goes to. I’d obviously rather take her on vacation but when I can’t, it’s good to know she’s in good hands.]

I’m still catching up and cleaning up from vacation so I have one more guest post coming your way before i get back to regularly scheduled blogging. Stay tuned! 

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I love picking up my pup after a vacation. I have never seen anyone so happy to see me! Welcome back!

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