Happiness/ Maizey

The One Bright Spot of Coming Home

Happy Tuesday! Coming back to reality after a week in paradise has been rough! Seeing Maizey has been the main (only?) bright spot of returning though. 🙂

IMG 5939

And this is what a week at the kennel–or as I like to say, Summer Camp–will get you.

IMG 5942

IMG 5946

IMG 5947

IMG 5957

IMG 5958

She got in bed last night at 7:30! I followed her shortly thereafter and climbed in bed before 9. 

IMG 5949

She is one tired pup. But a tired pup is a good pup. But a tired pup also comes with one big bill after picking her up from the kennel after 9 days!  I seriously LOVE my kennel thought; for you locals, check out Riverside Kennels in Advance. They are wonderful and spoil the pups (they even get “office time” to help out front. heh!). And they are the most reasonably priced for what you get; no add-on pricing for extra playtime or loving, just one flat rate. 

Alright, off to work I go! Have a great day!

Oh, one more thing! Since I have so many pictures and things to share about my St. John trip, I’m going to break it into Where to Stay, Where to Eat and What to Do posts. Sound like a plan? K, good!

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    What a cutie!!! I can’t wait till I have a puppy of my own!

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    i love the color of your tank!

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    Hmm…i may need to check out riverside kennels. I used to take my pup, Sullivan, to ruff housing but it can get a little pricey paying for extra playtime.

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    Your dog is the cutest!! 🙂

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    BEST part about coming home! love love love.

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