The Weekend…not The Weekender

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you are having a lovely day so far. It’s absolutely beautiful in Winston Salem today, so I’m out on my deck blogging, sipping coffee and trying to convince Maizey that her life isn’t as hard as she thinks it is. She’s sitting here whining. Oh pup.

It’s been such a great weekend. Thursday night was the Camino Bakery block party, where they closed off one block of 4th Street, had a live band and a lively crowd.

I love seeing events like this in Winston Salem. Thanks Camino! The best part was hanging out with some of my favorite ladies.

Whitney & me

Akanksha & Jamie

Meghan, me and Anne

Then on Saturday night, I got to go to a 30th birthday party for Meghan! It was such a fun night.

Her theme was hot dogs – she even got the pretzel buns from Skippys! I had a hot dog for a the first time in years because our friend Jamie was able to smuggle in some J.Dawg sauce! J.Dawgs is a hot dog stand in Utah that is sooo good. The sauce is amazing, so I couldn’t pass up a J.Dawg. With wine of course. 😉

Plus I got to snuggle this little beauty. She’s such a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing her Akanksha! 🙂

I know this wasn’t the regular Weekender. It’ll be up soon! But first, I’m going to go attack my messy house, plus do some room reorganization, involving taking apart and moving a desk. Wish me luck!

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    So spoiled that I got to do both of these fun things with you! What a happy weekend it was indeed. I hope Camino makes the street party a repeat performance… doesn’t it feel like summer is now officially here?

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    that baby is seriously adorable!

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    What a fun weekend!! I love downtown block parties. Winston can really come alive. That looks a tad more classier than “Rock the Block.”

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    Liz @ iheartvegetables

    Drinking wine automatically makes that hot dog classy 😉 haha

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    You are the cutest ever and have the best weekends! Love seeing you having fun. Also loooove this photo of you that popped up: http://www.afoodiestaysfit.com/wp-content/themes/thesis_16/thesis_16/custom/rotator/C_McNaught_mod5_c.jpg

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    Andrea @ The Skinny Chronicles

    Good luck with the room reorganization. I just did that. Makes such a difference! Definitely post before and after pics!

    Also, CUTE baby!

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