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The Weekender

This weekend has been completely amazing and completely NOT what I planned. I’ll recap that soon! I’m going to do a super quick Weekender because I want to get in bed ASAP. I’m trying really hard to get more sleep these days.

On another note: I broke my blog attempting some updates, so I know it’s not letting you click on individual posts or letting you comment. Thank you to those who let me know!! I finally hired a webmaster to help me get it sorted out – it needs some serious cleaning up on the backend, so hopefully it’ll be back to normal soon. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook if you have questions or comments or just wanna say hi! I miss your comments!

Favorite Links

Loved this article my friend Meg sent me about always trying to be more/do more.

Oh Winston, I miss you. You are underrated. Except by those that live there and have lived there.

Last Week’s Workouts

M – CrossFit: 10 min EMOM: even mins – 2 snatch balances / odd mins – 10 heavy kettle bell swings. EMOM is every minute on the minute so we alternated snatch balances and KB swings every minute. That was my first time doing snatch balances…so awkward. I went super light because I was terrified of the movement (here’s a video of what they are).

WOD: Partner up and alternate 200m sprints. Each runs 10x. I LOVED the sprints – pretty sure I was the only one. ha!

After the 10 springs, complete 5 rounds of:
10 Toes to Bar (I did hanging knee ups)
5 Handstand Push Ups (I love these!)

I finished in 18:58.

T – 4.1 mile run (8 minute pace) + CrossFit

Practice rope climbs before the WOD (I did wall walks, not rope climbs since that was my first time trying them since, um, probably 2nd grade)

WOD: 5 Rounds
1 rope climb or 2 wall walks for non climbers 
10 Overhead Squats 75/45 (I did 35 pounds)
10 Burpee over the Box Jumps 24?/20?- burpee then jump on top of box and to the other side. (I did half jumping, half step over. My legs were wrecked!)

W – CrossFit – this workout was so much harder than I anticipated. My forearms were dying from carrying the kettlebells!

Back Squats
5 @ 70%
5 @ 75%
5 @ 80%
3 @ 85%

WOD: Around the block farmer’s carry with 53/35 KBS (I used 25# kettlebells) – so, just carrying a kettlebell in each hand and walking. Um, yeah – not as easy as I thought!

For every drop/pause, you had to complete a round of 10 pull ups and 10 pushups when you return to the gym. I dropped 5 times so when I got back in, I had to do 5 rounds of 10 pull ups and 10 pushups. I was expecting my legs or shoulders to burn out carrying the KBs, but it was my grip that kept failing. I finished in 20:21

Th – rest. I was super queasy Wednesday after I worked out. Not sure why. I still wasn’t feeling great on Thursday so I took a rest day. I probably need to have more easy days…I just get all excited when I see the WODs!

F – Super easy 4 mile run (first 2.5 miles with Maizey) + CrossFit. This workout kicked my A. Double. S. I LOVED it.

Front Squats
5 @ 70% (105 lbs)
5 @ 75% (110 lbs)
5 @ 80% (115 lbs)
3 @ 85% (120 lbs)

I really, really like front squats. I’m still pretty new to them, but I’m finally at the point where they don’t kill my wrists. I still need to work on my form a bit — my coach took a video for me which I’ll post on Instagram sooner or later! You can see my face puffing out in preparation – I was nervous on the last set. haha!


WOD: Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes complete:
15 calorie row for men/10 calorie row for women 
8 heavy Russian KBS
6 Box Jumps 24/20
4 Toes to Bar
2 Handstand Push Ups

This ended up being an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) because I couldn’t fit it all in 2 minutes after the first two rounds. I got 9 rounds + 6 calories on the row starting my 10th row. I was dripping in sweat.IMG_4150

S – 7 mile run with Hilary. We didn’t start until 10:30 AM, and it was sooooo dang hot. We had to stop and walk a few times and we were both so glad we carried water.

Alright, off to bed I go!

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    Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    Snatch balances are super awkward, but I feel so comfortable dropping down into a squat that I don’t completely hate them. I got to 90 lbs doing them last week. You WOULD love the sprints. I hate them haha. Rope climbs aren’t too bad once you get the foot hold down, but I still get kinda nervous if I go too high.

    Great job!

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    Kalynn C.

    I’m always the person excited to see running on the board! Sprints are not my favorite, but crossfit is a great way to make me do them. Our box actually runs quite a bit! I also like front squats more than back squats because I feel like they’re easier to bail out if I get stuck in the bottom. Something about the heavy weight on my back makes me scared I’m going to fall backwards and really hurt myself or something like that. I know that’s weird, but if I go really heavy on a back squat I always have a guy there to help me lift up if I get stuck instead of dropping the bar!

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    Odd question for you, but what do you use to carry your water when you’re running? It is so hot here that I have to have it no matter what time I run now, and I end up running with a plastic water bottle in one hand. It’s a pain, so I was just wondering if there’s any better method.

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I use a water bottle that has a strap to hold it to my hand or one of the mini water bottles off my fuel belt that hold two water bottles. Neither is ideal, but I like the one that straps it to my hand. It’s a little less annoying. A local running store should have one you can try on!

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    Hi Teri, I know you mentioned before of planning on adjusting your budget to accommodate a membership at Metro. I currently have the same issue as I am in a bit of a fitness rut and found a studio that I would love to be a member at, but am having a hard time justifying the price tag. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your tips for that! Thank you!

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