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The Weekender

I just got back from church and lunch (devoured the farm house burger sans bun and adding sweet potato fries). Once home, I ate some leftover chocolate coconut cookies (from Practical Paleo) with some whipped coconut cream. The obvious next step is to go put on a bathing suit, which I intend to do shortly after publishing this.


It’s been a loooong time since I’ve done a weekender post! As a result, I have a ton of links. Some of these are a bit dated by now – oops! Happy reading!

The myth of big bad gluten. I’ve tried introducing gluten into my system again, trying to make my body accept it. It.has.not.gone.well.

Great visual showing why weight and BMI don’t tell the whole, or necessarily right, story.

I’m not a huge Starbucks fan. But I DO like their cold brew.

The benefits of giving up alcohol are real.

But if that ain’t your thing, here are 5 great budget bourbons.

Winston beat out Charlotte in best cities for recreation. I’d agree with that.

Loved this article from Charlotte Agenda. Even in the darkest times, there is always light.

I love hearing about others getting addicted to CrossFit like I have and loved Chelsea’s post about making the commitment!

People have commented how Maizey and I both let out big sighs a lot. It’s because she loves me.

I love her too. But OF COURSE Maizey would be featured on a blog about grumpy boxers. Way to go Maizey. Way to go.

Well this is terrifying.

Running can act as a pain reliever.

What is metabolism? Why do starvations diets not work? Great video.

I’M GOING ON A 4 DAY VACATION STARTING WEDNESDAY AND I CANNOT WAIT. It’s long overdue because I kept waiting for the perfect time to take a nice, long trip. That ain’t happening. This article inspired me to book a couple of shorter vacations, sooner than later.

The worst types of people on Instagram. Oops. I hope you all still like me after watching this.

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  • Reply
    hillary | Nutrition Nut on the Run

    I like Starbucks cold bew, too. Where is your suit from?

  • Reply

    Super cute bathing suit!! Enjoy your vacation! 🙂 Work weeks are always so much better when you have a fun trip to look forward to!

  • Reply

    Oh that grumpy boxer post kills me!! I could submit a few photos of Chloe to that blog haha

  • Reply
    Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire

    Hahaha, grumpy boxers are way cuter than grumpy cat (in my opinion)! 🙂 I love that article about dogs showing love. My golden always looks straight into my eyes, which I’ve always thought was the cutest thing!

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