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The Weekender

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Mine has been pretty low key – I went to CrossFit yesterday and had brunch with a friend afterwards, and then spent the afternoon cleaning and running a few errands. Last night Tommy and I went to a party for a friend who was celebrating his 1 year mark of living in Winston-Salem. I love that my friends all love Winston so much too!

Let’s get to the Weekender!

I made these Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies today and they are awesome. I love the short ingredient list too! (I used Trader Joe’s almond meal instead of almond flour.) I overcooked my slightly so don’t do that! Stick to the recommended 10 minutes, even if they don’t look quite ready!


I rolled the dough into a log before refrigerating it so I could just bake a few instead of all of them (which I know I would promptly eat.)


I really want to make these gluten-free brownies from David Lebovitz. His recipes are always incredible.

I haven’t had soda in years. It’s too sweet for me. (I say this after I just linked to two dessert recipes…;) ) But I still found this article about what happens in the hour after you a drink a coke super interesting.

I’m super excited for Ben & Jerry’s almond milk ice cream! (ahem…I am now noticing the sugary trend today. Clearly my sweet tooth is raging.) I can’t wait for Phish Food, Cherry Garcia, and Half Baked!

On that note: Sugar is definitely toxic. DANG IT.

So, if sugar is out, let’s drink. Fret-free wine options for Thanksgiving. Cheers!

Hope you have a great week!

Do you prefer sweet or savory goodies?

If you’re a sweet tooth person, what’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

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    Janelle @ Wholly Healthy

    Love that Ben & Jerry’s is coming out with almond milk ice cream!

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    i want those cookies!

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    Alyssa @ renaissancerunnergirl

    I just stopped drinking soda one day about three years ago and never looked back and don’t miss it at all but still have a major sweet tooth! Favorite B&J’s flavor is the Greek Banana Peanut Butter (used to be Half Baked before my celiacs diagnosis)…

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    Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    I do love a good dessert, but these days I’m mostly about savory foods! I drink soda once in a blue moon and it’s usually coke with crown royal maple… tastes like pancakes, yummm 🙂

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    Somehow the link to your very delicious-looking Cookies doesn’t seem to work?

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    The new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…yesss! I love Phish food and anything they have with caramel! Sweet n salty is always on my mind!! blah!

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