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The Weekender: Favorites Links + Summers in Winston-Salem

This weekend has felt really long – and I love it. We kicked off the weekend activities a little early on Thursday night with some live music on the back lawn of the Reynolda House – I love their summer events! Tommy and I met up with some friends, Adam and Alise, and it was a perfect evening. It was one of those nights that made me so grateful for good friends and the good life I get to enjoy in Winston.




Tommy and I went to CrossFit on Friday night, and he played golf while I went on a long run on Saturday morning. We went to the pool, and then I took a long glorious nap afterwards.


Today has been pretty low key with church, lunch at First Street Draught House, doing stuff around my apartment and then going to the driving range tonight.


Oh, and you may notice some these are snapchat photos – I wasn’t really a fan of snapchat for a long time, and now I love it! (username: terilynhutchie) It’s such a fun way to see what friends (including blog friends!) are up to. It’s not creepy and scandalous like I thought snapchat was. 😉

I also started a new instagram account since my obsession for Winston-Salem can’t be contained to only my account (@afoodiestaysfit). Follow me at @BestofWinston and you locals, tag #bestofwinston so I can see what you love in town!

Alright, onto my favorite links from the week. I’ll be back with a weekly workout recap soon – it’s been a while since I’ve done that and I want to share some adjustments I’ve made in my training.

Uh, clearly I have wine and ice cream on the brain. #SUMMER. 🙂 Although to be honest, the summer heat makes me not really want to drink. Give me water. Maybe I’m just getting #old. 😉

Have  a great week!

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  • Reply

    You & Tommy.. I can’t even handle how good looking you two are together 🙂 I love, LOVE!

  • Reply
    lindsay Cotter

    you’re a badass. Yes to wine! yes to balls…errr snickerdoodle like balls. <3

  • Reply

    I miss your outfit posts! Where’s that cute white blouse from? You have the best style!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      aw I’m so flattered!!!! I feel silly doing outfit posts because (1) they’re always just selfies and (2) I don’t feel like I have style that is anything special! I can try to bring the outfit posts back though! 🙂

      The top is from Nordstrom! I can dig up the link if you want it. The one thing I don’t like about it is that it’s CRAZY long. Granted, I’m only 5’1″ but it almost comes to my knees!

      • Reply

        I’d love to see the link if you have a moment to send! Thanks! 🙂

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