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The Weekender: favorite reads & weekend recap

Weekend highlights:

wine club

  • I visited my friend Crystal in Raleigh to meet her sweet new pup, Bae the Great Dane. Love Crystal, love Raleigh, love Bae.


  • I blew up my Snapchat story with pictures and videos of her. 🙂 (terilynhutchie is my snapchat handle if you’re into that!)



  • We ate at Bida Manda which is absolutely one of my very very very favorite restaurants. I usually get beef larb, but I branched out and got the papaya salad with duck, served medium rare. It was amazing. But, Crystal’s order won (per usual) – their ribs were incredible. I’m definitely getting those next time.


  • Sunday – Tommy and I went to church, had lunch, and then we both worked on our taxes. A rainy day was good for our productivity! Maizey was sweet and cuddly all day too.


Onto my favorite recent reads!

  • I loved this post about Megan’s experience falling in love with Charlotte. I feel the same way about Winston.
  • Rebecca and I had a mug exchange. I love the blogger community.
  • 100 best places to live. WS placed behind Salt Lake City AND Charlotte??? This is incorrect. Raleigh took #4, which I’ll stand behind (even though I’ve never lived there…); I love that city, which I was reminded of this weekend.
  • The case for clean eating. SUCH a good read. Loved these two quotes especially.

    Your diet isn’t your identity, and if you’ve found a system that is sustainable and allows you to make improvements in the gym and mirror, that’s the most important thing. Don’t be an asshole and shove your diet down the throat of others.

    The worst mistake you can is hopping from diet to diet. Find something that works for you; that supports your health, performance, and physique goals, and then bust your ass. That’s the most important part.

Catching up on my blog? Last week’s posts:


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  • Reply

    let’s get a trip on the books!!!!!

  • Reply
    [email protected]

    Yummmm Bida Manda is one of my favs too! The owners are only a year or two older than I and totally killing it! They have opened another concept next door which I have yet to check out, but can’t wait!

  • Reply
    Rosey Rebecca

    Um, so on top of our mug swap, we need to get together and drink wine and eat all the cheese together. ASAP.

    Can you believe that Asheville didn’t make that top 100 list? IMO, it should be WS and Asheville tied for number one. 😉

    Love that your friend’s dog’s name is Bae.

  • Reply
    Celia at Chicago Jogger

    Great links!! I love the “8 tips for women” post. Clearly needed for daylight savings week…

  • Reply
    Sam @ Barrister's Beet

    Oh my goodness… Bae’s eyes!! They’re so beautiful! That wine club doesn’t look half bad, either ; )

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