The Weekender + Last Week’s Workouts

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you are enjoying time with family and friends! All of my family is in Vernal, per tradition. And per usual, they are tagging me in pictures to show their love for me. Glad to know I’m on their mind and they’re missing me.

The first one I was tagged in was labeled “bear attacking elk.”

Tagged 1

And the next was labeled “Warrior.”


I was cracking up when I saw these. But hey, these are way better than other photos they’ve tagged me in in the past.

Exhibit A.

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Exhibit B.

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That’s what brothers are for, right?? 😀 Love them.

Alright, onto the Weekender! Just a few links since I didn’t have much time for browsing the internet last week. I had things going on every night (important things like getting a pedicure, getting my eyebrows threaded, etc. It’s a hard life being a girl).

  • There is no “healthy” sugar. Whatever they say, I do feel better ingesting maple syrup and honey instead of granulated sugar or corn syrup. But I think the moral of the story is everything in moderation. Amen.
  • 9 Benefits of Running Alone. I used to always be a solo runner but got hooked on group runs when I moved to North Carolina from Utah and had no clue where to run. Now I run either with John or Anna, and I love having running buddies. (It’s tough to find people whose paces work together!) I do still love my solo runs (which I’ve been doing more often on Fridays) where I can zone out and think through problems, brainstorm about projects, process work challenges or just not think at all.

Last Week’s Workouts

S – Race 13.1 Greensboro (PR baby!)

M – Weight training: goblin squats, weighted squats, adductor/abductor extensions, hamstring curls, seated rows and a few short planks.

T – Pure Barre + 4 miles on the track. My goal was just to loosen up my calves. They were so tight from Sunday’s race, I could hardly walk down stairs. I was planning on just running a mile or two, but I started feeling good and kept going and picked up the speed.

W – 3.25 treadmill run: still just trying to get my calves to loosen up!

Th – Pure Barre

F – 5.25 mile run with Anna + 1.25 jog with Maizey

S – rest day

I’m really enjoying Pure Barre these days. I go through phases where my body craves yoga and then I get burned out on it and swap to Pure Barre for a while before going back to yoga. I really like the strength training in Pure Barre: the arm section is a total burner and the seat section is great for me too since I’m terrible about working out my hamstrings and glutes. And the ab sections, especially the final one, always destroys me. It’s so hard but so good!

Do you like working out your upper body or lower body? Until about 5 years ago, I loved lower body training. Squats, lunges, all of it! Now I dread it and rarely do it – not sure what changed! But I love doing bicep curls, triceps work and especially shoulder work.

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    I love working my lower body but I’m trying to work my upper body more. I want to do pull-ups by the end of the summer!

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    Kim @FITsique

    I love it all, but I used to LOVE lower body and hate upper body! Now, like you I love working my back and shoulders almost more than my legs!

  • Reply

    Since I have runner’s knee, I cannot do a lot of lower body weights, but I LOVE single legged deadlifts! I’ve also incorporated 21’s in my upper body routine and they are killer for your biceps.

  • Reply

    I completely agree with the everything in moderation! However if something is made with honey, maple syrup or molasses I’m much more likely to try it 😉

  • Reply

    upper body all the way!! but i do love squats…ha

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    I’m religious with body pump, which is convenient bc it helps me stay on track if training everything. I love shoulders and triceps, squats are great, not a big fan of lunges and never do back outside of pump

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