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The Weekender: Last Week’s Workouts + Favorite Links

Last week’s workouts

M – 2 miles (15:30) to warm up before doing some upper body weights

T – Pure Barre

W – 6.1 miles, 45 min, 7:22 pace (I tried to do 6x800m repeats at 6:30 pace and could barely do 4, even after dropping the treadmill incline. Just wasn’t my day, so I called it quits earlier than planned.)

Th – rest

F – 5.18 miles, 36:30, 7:02 pace

S – Pure Barre

S – 8.3 miles –> 7.3 miles, 50 minutes, 6:49 pace + 1 mile cool down jog with Maizey, 8:30 pace

Total miles: 21.5
How I feel: Pretty good! I don’t feel particularly healthy but nothing is hurting which is good. My right calf is tight, so I’m planning to try out a new-to-me foam roller tonight, and I feel like I need to get some squats in since I’m struggling a bit on hills. My diet and sleep schedule could definitely stand for some improvements too!

Favorite Links

Stop saying yoga isn’t exercise – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the “yoga is a hard workout!” conversation with friends who won’t try it because they think it will be too easy. Okayyyyy.

So….everything I like will be more expensive next year. Bourbon, coffee, travel, chocolate, avocados.  Great.

This Serial parody is awesome. (Thanks for sharing Danielle!)

I love that Instagram cleaned up all the spam followers from my account – my count dropped by about 100. These brands may not have been so happy with their decrease in followers.

What is fatigue? One researcher contends that “fatigue is simply a balance between effort and motivation, and that the decision to stop is a conscious choice rather than a mechanical failure.” So…if I start feeling tired on my run, I can only blame a lack of motivation? Dang it.

Are you still Christmas shopping? Here’s my list of last minute gift ideas that will still make you look thoughtful.

Is there any on the “this will be more expensive in 2015” list that you’re particularly bummed out about?

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    Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment

    Coffee and chocolate were items I was not super happy about the prices going up. I think it’s great Instagram cleaned up some of those accounts too. I saw some that were SO out there – I didn’t want/need them following me! 🙂

  • Reply

    Chocolate and coffee are pretty much the 2 things that keep everyone around me alive;-)

  • Reply

    Coffee and avocados…. And chocolate are all equally important 🙂

  • Reply
    Rachel D

    Olive Oil and Avocados. I have been eating avocado on toast with a fried egg. So yummy!!

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