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The Weekender: Last Week’s Workouts + Favorite Reads

Happy Sunday! I am going to attempt to keep this short and sweet since I am hoping to get in bed before 10 PM! Today absolutely flew by, but was filled with lots of great things! I had coffee with my friend Carolyn this morning and got to see her new house she recently moved into (which I love especially because it’s about a 5 minute drive from mine!).

After that, I met Leslie Ann and Jen for brunch at The Porch. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful girlfriends! Leslie Ann drove from Greensboro (30 minutes) and Jen drove all the way from Charlotte (1.5 hours); I was so grateful they were willing to come to WS since it takes a big chunk out of their days, and I was feeling not so hot and a bit grumpy today. They totally cheered me up. So did this giant Bloody Mary.IMG_9402

Last Week’s Workouts

M – 3 miles, 24 minutes, 8:00 pace + 5 sets of weighted squats, 3 sets of bicep curls, 3 sets of overhead presses

T – 6x800m intervals @ 6:50 pace w/ 90 second recovery jog, plus warm-up and cool-down (my quads were really feeling the squats from the day before!). It ended up being 7 miles in 52 minutes. I also took a hot vinyasa yoga class at Paz Studios that night.

The Weekender- Last Week-s Workouts + Favorite Reads

W – rest (I flew to San Francisco that morning and was too exhausted to workout after work.)

Th – 5.3 miles, 40 minutes, 7:30 pace (San Francisco)

F – 3.3 miles, 25 minutes, 7:43 pace (San Francisco)

S – 5.5 miles, 41 minutes, 7:27 pace (treadmill)

S – 6.25 miles, 47 minutes, 7:31 pace (treadmill)

Despite putting in some solid miles the past few Sundays (15 and 17 milers), I just wasn’t feeling a long run when I woke up this morning. Rather than force it, I traded my morning run for coffee with Carolyn. I think my mind needed girl time more than a long run! I wasn’t planning on working out at all, but I actually starting to feel up for a run later in the day and hit the treadmill around 5:30.

Total Weekly Mileage: 30 miles
How I’m Feeling:
Meh. My legs are feeling pretty tight this week. I think all the squats probably had something to do with that. I just don’t feel fluid or smooth, so I’m hoping to get in for a massage or more yoga soon. The less-than-stellar runs could also be related to travelling this week, which included some pretty nasty travel hiccups on the way home. (I ended up renting a car and driving home at 10:30 PM on Friday night rather than waiting for my extremely delayed connection from Charlotte to Greensboro!)

Maizey has been absolutely pooped since I picked her up from the kennel on Saturday. She slept from 11:30 AM to 8 PM yesterday! And then today, she did something while playing in the backyard and has been limping pretty badly. I hope it goes away with some extra rest – I can’t see anything on her foot and she doesn’t wince when I touch her leg, but that girl has a high tolerance for pain. I get so worried about her. 🙁IMG_9376

Favorite Reads

28 Problems Every Runner Will Understand

Maizey and her best friend, Annie the English Bulldog, were extremely offended by this chart mapping the popularity of dog breeds against their “overratedness.”

Katie launched her website Love, Sweat & Fitness this week and it looks great. Check it out!

Not too many articles to share, and I have my friends Anna and Allison to thank for sharing the first two links with me. And with that, I’m gonna sign off and head to bed – it’s 9:59! Hope you have a great week!

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    i love that dog chart. i want a boston terrier!!

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    Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    You did some great workouts this week! Good job, especially with the travel!

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