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The Weekender + Runners Unite

Before the weekend is over, let’s squeeze in a Weekender! Here’s are some of my favorite reads from last week. 

  • Dealing with Stress & the Stomach (I totally relate to this post! Great tips Jen!) 
  • Women Supporting Women (another great post from Jen)
  • Oreos = cocoaine? 
    • I love how The Skimm summed it up:They found that for lab rats, eating the black and white, can’t-stop-won’t-stop cookies sparked more neurons in the rat brains’ “pleasure center[s]” than drugs like cocaine. The study could explain why some people can’t drop the goodness even when they know it’s bad for them. One big difference between the cookie and the coke? Too much cocaine will get you very high; too many Oreos will just leave you double stuffed. 

This isn’t a favorite read, but it’s an important thing to share. When I ran the Hulk Race in Myrtle Beach, I wrote, “The first place female is apparently a local running celebrity of sorts and was so friendly and nice. She kept telling me good job and such [on my second place finish].” That runner was Misty White, a truly sweet and gracious woman. I was so sad when I heard the terrible news that she was hit by a car while running. I don’t know all the details, but it sounds like it was pretty bad. When it happened, she was in the ICU.

Please consider donating to help cover her medical bills – use this link to donate. Any amount will help. You don’t know her, I realize that. I only met her once. But she’s a runner, which makes her family. 


Mistyphoto from Grand Strand Running Club Newsletter

And it could easily be any of us that something like this happens to. You never think it’ll be you, or anyone you know, but tragedies happen. Runners stick together, so please donate any amount you can.

Ok, off I go to read and wind down. You guys have a great week!

(and PS – thanks for all the shopping tips!)


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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Oh no! I hate hearing stories like Misty’s! A cyclist was just killed in my city yesterday after being hit by a car — I wish drivers would be more careful!

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Oh no! I had not seen this! So sad. I Hope she makes a full recovery!!

  • Reply

    thank you for including me in your weekender! i’ve been following that oreo story and it’s crazy!

    praying for misty!

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