The Weekender + The Best Patio in Winston Salem

Happy Sunday blends! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I have – it’s been productive but lots of fun stuff too. On Friday night, my friend Anna and I did a craft together to prep for an engagement party that we are throwing for Bobby and Liz next month. Aren’t they cute?

The only way I’m doing crafting (FYI, I hate crafting) is if I’m with someone I really like and there is wine involved. And Friday had both of those components. I can’t show you the craft because I want Liz to be surprised. And I’m pretty sure she reads my blog. (hi liz!)

Then on Saturday night, I got together with some friends to go to dinner. We had a great time at 6th & Vine. The have a great wine list – I highly highly recommend 2008 Donati Claret. Their food is amazing too, and their outdoor patio is the best in Winston Salem. It has three levels with lots of plants (including fresh herbs they use in their dishes) and white lights strung across the patio. What is it about white lights that makes any area prettier? Speaking of pretty, these are my pretty friends. 🙂

That’s Anna – she’s the one I crafted with Friday.

Kristen (whom I just met that night), Chelsea, Anna and moi.

BTW, that’s a new dress that Five Bamboo sent me, the Gina Dress. It’s so comfy and has pockets. I have to pull it up a bit sporadically, but I think that’s more a me issue, than a Five Bamboo issue. Ahem. But the ruching is so cute!

Today I did a little cleaning, a little laundry, a little napping and a super hard workout (the 50 second version). Now I’m sipping a little cider and wrapping up a great weekend with a great meal – halibut, cod, and lots of grilled veggies.

The Weekender

  • This makes me sick.
  • But this is fun! Mine is very accurate – especially the part about other people messing up my workout schedule. ha!
  • These look delicious.
  • This is exciting! And brave!
  • This is helpful for runners.

The Week in Fitness

S – Women’s Health Best Bikini Body Workout (the 30 second version)

M – 30 minutes on the Cybex Elliptical

T – 10 min. elliptical warm-up + Women’s Health workout again (the 50 second version)

W – 45 minutes Octane elliptical while catching up on Mad Men

Th – rest

F – skipped

S – Women’s Health workout again (30 second version)

Share your favorite link from your blog this week and make it a “this” statement. 🙂 If you don’t have a blog, share the link of the best post you read this week. I love hearing about great blog posts!

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  • Maria

    Your Five Bamboo dress is adorable and any dress with pockets deserves a standing ovation. Your friend Anna’s blue striped dress also caught my eye…I kind of need both. Do you know where she got it?

    This is what true happiness looks like: http://mariafalls.blogspot.com/2012/06/my-best-friends-wedding.html

    • Teri

      She got it at Marshalls a few months ago. I agree – it’s SO cute! I want it too!

      So fun that your best friend got married! 🙂 I love the dress you wore!

  • [email protected]

    This (http://www.bellaspire.com/2012/06/06/the-spotlight-effect/) reminds me that we overestimate how much others are thinking about us –> which is helpful when we totally embarrass ourselves!!

    • Teri

      I read this article too! Loved it!

  • Amanda @ Manda Kay Makes It

    This huge moment in my journey is still making me smile: http://mandakaymakesit.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/the-big-5-0/

    • Teri

      SO happy for you!! thanks for sharing!! 😀

  • sarahsouth

    Mike and I had dinner tonight on the patio at 6th and vine – great minds think alike! 🙂 anyway, we will cash in the raincheck for brunch, later… turns our MJ couldn’t make it, anyway! Pepper can’t wait to meet you!! XO

    • Teri

      how funny!

      I’m bummed brunch didn’t work out but PLEASE let’s do it soon! i miss you! and I’m dying to meet Pepper!!! xo

  • Laura @ May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

    Oooh white lights…this reminds me that I want to get some for our patio for a party we’re having in July.

    This week, nothing was better than cotton candy at work: http://mayyourbobbinalwaysbefull.blogspot.com/2012/06/festive-for-fridaycotton-candy-for-win.html

  • Caryln @ carylnrambles

    So I feel really stupid…I have been to 6th and Vine and had no clue they had a patio…let alone and 3 level one! wow haha

  • Sarah

    That workout sign article is a little too dead on. Me vain? Me hate being bossed around? Me make delicious chickpea lettuce wraps? Guilty as charged on all 3 🙂

  • Mrs Type A

    LOVE 6th and Vine. Allison and I used to be obsessed and always want to go there for our girl dinners in law school. The wine flights were my jam.

    My fav post this week was about a DIY project I did– chalkboard paint on jars to organize my kitchen stuff!

  • lauren @ sassy molassy

    You and that dress are adorable! And I love that you’re just owning the fact that you don’t like crafting. Sometimes I like it in small bits, but mostly, I’m too impatient for craft projects.

  • Erin Hack

    Thank you for sharing that first link. It is hard to see but hopefully it makes people think about where their food comes from, the suffering that often goes along with it and urges them to eat more veggies! 🙂

  • [New Balance] Nicole

    Love the dress!
    This was a very yummy Sunday: http://newbalancenicole.com/2012/06/10/instagram-sunday/

  • Lauren T

    This (http://iowagirleats.com/2012/06/11/french-onion-soup-potstickers/) baby is so adorable, and who knew potstickers could be so easy to make?!
    I read TheHealthyEverythingtarian’s blog too, and was very impressed that she quit her job to be more happy! Hope everything goes well for her!

  • Donna


    I tried the Donati at 6th and wine recently and it was really good and would like to purchase a few bottles. Do you know where you can find in Winston/Greensboro area?