The Weekender + the Five Bamboo Giveaway Winner

Happy Father’s Day! I’m sad that I’m not with my dad today – he is a truly wonderful man. Very loving, caring, spiritual, and funny. And my brothers and I never have to doubt how much he loves us! He’s a sweet grandfather and a very hard worker. I love you Dad!

 Before I share some of my favorite links from the week, I gotta announce the Five Bamboo dress giveaway winner: Congrats to Maria Falls! Yes, yes you will be wearing it for your anniversary trip to Hawaii! Yay! Happy Anniversary. 🙂

Lots of good reads this week. Enjoy!

The Weekender

  • I’ve thought a lot about going vegan (for the record, I don’t think I ever will but that’s another post) and one of the things that worries me is that I couldn’t be a perfect vegan. Gina wrote a very encouraging post about “what if I mess up” as a vegan.
  • What Should We Call Me never gets old. I laugh out loud every.single.time I look at it. . This is one of my favorites from this week’s time-suck session I spent on it. (Leslie, I owe you indefinitely for introducing me to WSWCM.)

The Week in Fitness

S – rest,  I think?

M – Bikram Yoga

T – 30 min. Octane elliptical + Physique 57 workout

W – 5 mi. elliptical warm-up + 3 rounds of the Women’s Health Best Bikini Body workout (30 second version)

Th – 30 min. Cybex elliptical

F – 2 rounds of the WH workout (one 30 second version, one 50 second version)

S – 10 min. elliptical warm-up + 4 rounds of the WH workout (the 50 second version) + 30 minutes easy elliptical at the end

Yes, I’m obsessed with that best bikini body workout. It’s so hard and so good. My core has seriously gotten slimmer and more defined in two weeks!

K, time to figure out what to eat for lunch. I really want sushi…



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  • Maria

    Thank you again! I was so excited checking my email this morning!

    • Teri

      winning a giveaway is the best! 🙂

  • Megan Q

    That site is hilarious! I just wasted (well I don’t consider it ‘wasting’) 10+ minutes looking through the pages. I always look forward to The Weekender!

    • Teri

      PSH! 10 minutes?! I spent an hour on it when i first learned about it. I mean, um…. haha. 🙂

  • megan

    hey girl i just discovered your blog and I love it!

    • Teri

      yay! thank you! 🙂

  • Katie

    Ohmygosh that WSWCM…I can’t stop. I’m blaming you for my lack of productivity for the rest of the day. I love it.

    • Teri

      I KNOW! I seriously spend so much time on that website, it’s absurd. But it’s so freaking funny!

  • kristen

    I was just trying to figure out a workout for days when I miss the class I wanted to go to (like today). I’m going to find that issue of Women’s Health (it’s around here somewhere!) and make that my new go-to.