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The Westglow Spa — the Good & the Bad

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Westglow Resort & Spa in Blowing Rock. John and I went there on Saturday for facials, and I wanted to go back and get a day spa to enjoy a little more R&R. On Saturday we did an a la carte package (i.e. just the facial) and yesterday I splurged on a day pass. With the day pass, you get a spa treatment (or two or three), access to their fitness facility, workout classes, the relaxation lounge, the pool, hot tub, steam room and a four-course lunch.

Westglow Spaimage source

When I called to book my day, they had a hard time finding me because they had totally messed up the spelling of my name on Saturday’s visit. But, no bother, got that fixed over the phone. But then, when I arrived, they asked me to fill out an intake form again…because they still hadn’t fixed my name. It wasn’t a big deal but considering the price I was paying, it should have been a perfectly smooth check-in and fixed on the first go.

With the day pass I selected, I got two treatments–a salt scrub and a massage. The salt scrub was amazing. The scrub part was quick, but then I was rinsed with a “vichy” shower which rinsed me off while still laying down. Pretty cool. The treatment finished with a massage. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have booked the massage in the afternoon! Before my scrub, I attended a yoga class…which was really low-key, but nice. I lounged around reading books and sipping tea before heading in for my scrub. There was a brief break in the rain and stepped out onto the deck to take in the views. I’m sure it would be amazing to lounge outside with better weather than we had that day!

IMG 7024

After the scrub, I sat down for lunch which was in the small dining area right next to the pool. The portions were all small, but I was very full after four courses. The black bean soup, green salad with grapes and almonds, and gluten-free blueberry goat cheese crisp were awesome. The entree was meh – the snapper was over-cooked and a bit rubbery and the forbidden rice was undercooked and crunchy. I really appreciated that they were able to accommodate my dietary restrictions though!

After more reading time in the lounge, I headed to the treadmill for a short run before my massage. While I was running, I noticed a massage therapist at the front desk, looking around, and I just had a bad feeling. I hopped off the treadmill and confirmed that they were looking for me and they informed me I was 15 minutes late to my massage. I thought they had said 4:30 for my massage, but they had me down for 3:30. I truly don’t know if this was their error or mine, but it was really disappointing to be cut short on my massage. When I’ve been to one other day spa (the Grove Park Inn Spa), they gave me a folder when I checked in outlining the schedule of my treatment (I only had one but it was nice to reference!) and details about how things worked there. I feel like Westglow could really benefit from providing a folder like that; they seem to cater more to people who buy an annual membership there and know how everything works there.

The massage was mediocre (I’ve had better at my local Hand & Stone franchise), the therapist wasn’t very friendly, and she had really loud breathing which was distracting. I’m not sure if she had a cold or if it was a medical condition… hopefully the latter because I didn’t exactly want someone working on me that was sick.

After my massage, I sat outside one more time for some calming, fresh air before heading home. The view really was spectacular.

IMG 7032

It was a nice visit, but it didn’t blow me away like the Grove Park Spa in Asheville did. That place is just unreal. I feel like you definitely get more luxury for your dollar at the Grove Park! So, would I go back to Westglow? Ummm maybe. I loved my salt scrub and it was definitely relaxing, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price.

What’s your favorite spa treatment? Massage, facial, salt scrub, something else? I’ve always liked facials because I feel like they are “productive” – they make me look good and relax me. 🙂


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    Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    Ugh! I hate that feeling… when you’re supposed to be relaxing, but you’re already stressing about it. The last time I went to get a mani/pedi, the salon was super busy (I had an appointment, but many did not) and the workers seemed to be annoyed at me for being there. They rushed through my appointment, did not do a great job, and the whole time I was trying to relax and enjoy myself… but mehhhhh. Thankfully I was there with a gift certificate, but hello… never going back!

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    Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    What a beautiful mountain view! That’s the way to do the spa!

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    Nina Beana

    How disappointing! You’d think a fancy place like that would have better customer service. When I worked as a spa receptionist I would have told you at booking that the scrub includes a 30 min (or however long) massage. Some people loved it since that meant they’d get a long massage and some people opted to change the massage out. And I would have made sure you were aware of the proper time for your massage…the folder with your appointments sounds like a great personal touch!

    At least you had a great view!

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    Lauren L.

    I’m definitely a facials girl…you get the nice facial massage plus hopefully a neck and hand massage, PLUS your skin is getting de-gunked!

    Hope the next time is better 🙂

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    Brenda Breining

    If you ever want a salt scrub here in WS—I had a great one at The Spa at Highland Oaks (off Hames Mall Blvd).

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    Carolyn Hern

    Oh that’s too bad. I love Westglow. The view really is breathtaking (especially when the leaves start to change). When I went I got a mani/pedi and facial and it was really fun. Everyone was really friendly. I think we’ll have to go back together just to make sure! For research of course…

  • Reply

    I just love an honest review. It drives me bonkers when people either a.) ignore all the negative because what was good was really good, or b.) can’t see past the bad and think everything is terrible just because of one or two negative aspects of their experience. It sucks you had a mediocre experience but bravo on the review! 🙂

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