Weekly Meal Plans

This Week’s Meal Plan

I’m trying really hard to get in bed earlier. It’s been around 11 PM lately and then it’s 11:30 by the time I read to wind down and finally turn off the light. And to get in bed earlier, I need to eat dinner earlier. But since I’ve switched from morning workouts to evening workouts for various reasons (which I can go into if any of you are interested), it’s tough to eat dinner any earlier than 8 PM and sometimes it’s closer to 9 – ACK! So, what I’m doing to help alleviate the late-night dinner is prepping more on Sundays — chopping veggies, cooking meat — and making meals that are (a) simpler, (b) involve the crockpot, or (c) can cook while I shower after working out.

If you have any super quick dinner ideas, I’d love to hear them! Share links if you’ve got them. Here’s what I’m planning for the upcoming week!

Lunch – sticking with soup & salads!

  • I’m going to make a big pot of Spinach & Broccoli Soup to eat during the week (I need to share this recipe! So easy & so good.)
  • I’m also obsessed this salad combo lately: kale, shredded brussels sprouts, shredded cabbage, goat cheese, toasted sliced almonds + grilled chicken, topped with a mustard & balsamic dressing


M – Dinner with friends at Krankies after CrossFit; my favorite coffee shop in town recently remodeled and added a kitchen so they can serve food. I haven’t tried it yet and can’t wait to!

T – One-pan honey mustard chicken with roasted veggies (Tommy’s mom made this when we were visiting her last week – SO good!)

W – Simple sauteed shrimp with Asian Broccoli Salad 

Th – Kale, Avocado & Cilantro Salad with Blackened Chicken

F – Bunless burgers with roasted brussels sprouts & baked sweet potato chips

S – likely eat out

If you need more recipe inspiration, follow my Pinterest boards:

Have a great week. Happy Monday!

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    Kalynn C.

    The Sausage, Quinoa, Squash skillet receipt from My Food ‘N Fitness Diaries is easily one of our favorite quick, no brainer dinners! I buy cubed butternut squash from the grocery store and it makes things even easier. I could make this for my husband every week, and he wouldn’t complain one bit!

    We also tried the Crockpot Picadillo from Skinny Taste recently and loved it! We had it as tacos one night, over tortilla chips as nachos another night, and I ate it with some greens for lunch. Here’s the link: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2013/01/crock-pot-picadillo.html

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    Hey Teri,

    I visited my parents for Christmas and they got me a CrockPot, it was the best present ever been using it everyday programmed to be ready when I get in around 7. Even used it for honey roast chicken this evening!

    Anyway no new info here just felt like spreading my love for the CrockPot!


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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Thanks for your comment Will! I really need to upgrade my crockpot – it’s from the 50s! I would love a programmable one.

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    I’m a little late but PLEASE share the broccoli spinach recipe. also I would love a post on your morning vs night workout experience. I have always been a night gym person, even though I see all the pros to morning and people always say it is better. sadly, for me it comes down to 2 things: I love sleep and just won’t get up… and hair. ah the life of a working woman!

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    I love seeing your meal plans and I’m excited to start following your Pinterest boards. I really enjoy cooking and try to keep it healthyish, but I’m going back to work full time soon and one of my biggest concerns is how I’m going to get a healthy meal on the table in time for my hungry kids. I would really like to read about which steps you have started prepping on the weekends. Love reading your blog and still have hopes that one day I’ll head to WS and be able to catch up with you. Keep up the great work!!

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