Weekly Meal Plans

This Week’s Meal Plan

I’m headed to Utah this weekend for a quick trip (and Tommy is coming…he’ll meet all FIVE brothers…bwahaha) and on weeks that I travel, whether for work or pleasure, I try to keep meals simple so I’m not stressed over cooking and so I don’t end up with lots of food sitting in my fridge when I’m gone. Here’s what it’s looking like this week!



  • I love this salad mix from Trader Joe’s. It cooks down like crazy; I put probably 3 cups in there and ended up with 1 once it wilted. I also ate about half my shrimp before I sat down to photograph and eat. Oops. 🙂



  • Breakfasts will probably be very similar to Monday
  • Lunch: I have some mung beans sprouting that I’ll toss on a salad
  • Dinner: Tommy and I going out with our friends Adam and Alise after Crossfit! Wahoo! I love them.


  • Breakfast will be the same as above
  • Lunch: big salad with the cruciferous crunch mix topped with toasted almonds, sauteed shrimp and avocado
  • Dinner: I think I’m going to try a version of these Black Bean & Pumpkin Patties…or I may end up picking up sushi.


  • Breakfast & lunch will be designed around emptying the fridge – so likely more smoothies, steel cut oats, and leftover patties.
  • Dinner: take-out. I always get take-out the night before I fly out. It simplifies life and makes it feel like I’m kicking off vacation early. 🙂

Snacks for the week: walnuts, almond date energy balls (I need to share this recipe stat!), sprouted mung beans, celery & hummus, cacao nibs & unsweetened coconut flakes mixed together – kind of obsessed.

I fly out Friday so I’ll be packing lots of snacks – nuts, Justin’s almond butter squeeze packs,Quest bars (this variety pack is the BEST), and bananas. And I’ll hit up Starbucks for green tea on my layover. Can’t wait to be home!

What snacks do you pack when you travel? 

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    you know you’re good at life when you meal plan. i gotta start with that. hahah

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