Weekly Meal Plans

This Week’s Meal Plan

S – picked up a gluten-free pizza from The Pizza Peel on my way home from Boone

M – Shakshuka (I made a tweaked version – I used zucchini instead of peppers and didn’t have cheese…boo)

T – Flank Steak (which I overcooked, dang it) with a sliced local tomato. (This totally reminded me of my childhood when we would pick tomatoes or cucumbers from the garden, slice them and serve them with dinner.) I wasn’t that hungry after inhaling a bag of plantain chips from Trader Joes on my way home. When will I learn to not grocery shop when I’m starving?! But hey, at least I have leftover steak to put on a salad for lunch.SAM_1831I don’t normally drink midweek these days, but it just felt wrong to have steak without red wine. And I had a bottle of Dark Horse open in my fridge for weeks that was somehow not completely rancid.

W – Dinner with a friend, location TBD

Th – Pineapple Salsa Crockpot Chicken

F – Leftovers

S – Hopefully dinner with Tommy 🙂

Also, Maizey says hi.


What are you cooking up this week? Share links to recipes!

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