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This Week’s Meal Plan

I’ve seen so many posts this week on Instagram and blogs about people wanting to get back to healthy eating after the deliciousness and craziness of the holidays. I’m in the same boat! So, I planned meals that are packed with veggies this week. The stuffed chicken breasts and superfoods salads are recent recipes I’ve made up so I’ll share them with ya soon!

M – Taco night; Matt & Meg invited Tommy and me over for an impromptu dinner date (I LOVE living in Winston again for things like this!)

T – Goat Cheese & Date Stuffed Chicken Breasts with crispy shaved Brussels sprouts

W – Dinner at Mozelle’s with Tommy’s parents and brother

Th – Superfoods salad (kale + cabbage + shaved Brussels sprouts) with pan-seared salmon

F – not 100% sure yet, but it will involve collards and black eyed peas


As you can see from the list of above vs. what I wrote down, I ended up switching some things around. I nixed Thursday options I had brainstormed since we are going out to dinner tonight and I’ll make the salmon tomorrow night. Also, I ended up eating eggs every day for breakfast and no smoothies – just wasn’t feeling them with all this rainy weather!

For Friday, I’m hoping to find a ham at Trader Joe’s; a friend got one there last month and said it was awesome, but I’m not sure if they have them after Thanksgiving. I’m also planning to make some gluten-free cornbread.

Before moving to North Carolina, I had never heard of eating black eyed peas and collards on New Year’s for propensity and wealth …is that a Southern tradition or do non-Southerner’s do that too? I love traditions, especially ones involving food, and traditions in the South run deep – one of the many reasons I love living here.

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    Christine Whittington

    Learned about black-eyed peas and collards on New Year’s Day while living in Maine where there is a connection with Louisiana because of the Acadian migration. Always made them when we lived in W-S for 12 years and have now brought the tradition to our new home in Leadville, Colorado. Collards nowhere to be found in Leadville, so I made the dish with kale.

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