Running/ Weekly Meal Plans

This Week’s Meal Plan & Pre-Race Running

So glad you guys enjoyed the Weekender yesterday! I’ll keep it up. Speaking of weekends, mine was filled with fun activities, including the Rock N Roll Raleigh Half Marathon on Sunday.

On Saturday morning, I did a shakeout run  Chuck Engle, recommends the day before races. I ran on the track, which was nice since it was beautiful out and a nice change from the treadmill.

The run consisted of a 1.5 mile warm-up, two 800m intervals run at goal race pace (with a 3 minute jog in between) and then a 1 minute cool down. I didn’t have my garmin with me but I was actually right on target with my pace. I did the first 800 in 3 minutes, 41 seconds and the second in 3 minutes, 44 seconds. That put me right around 7:20 minute/miles which was my goal pace for the race on Sunday. (My quads were a bit sore on Sunday morning when I woke up for race day which is odd because the intervals didn’t feel hard at all, but luckily my muscles loosened up as I ran.)

Once we got to Raleigh on Saturday afternoon, we went right to the expo and then met up with a blog reader, Melissa. We’ve “known” each other for a while through my blog and since she recently relocated to NC, we were finally able to meet up! We chatted non-stop and enjoyed some tasty beverages from Sola Coffee. Melissa and her husband also ran the Raleigh Half Marathon this weekend so we talked and speculated a lot about the race and hills to come!

IMG 4944

Alright, I’m off to make dinner but tomorrow, I’ll post a race recap. Oh! One more thing: here’s what I’m cooking up for dinner this week:

S – Spinach & Romaine Salad with Grapefruit, Avocado and Shallot Dressing (recipe soon!)

M – Warm Spring Vegetable Salad (out of The Greens Cookbook)

T – Grilled Shrimp with Avocado Mango Salsa (except it’s raining so I’ll be attempting to make this in the oven 🙂 ) – Update: I ended up totally changing this recipe so I’ll post my version soon! 🙂

W – Plaintain and Black Bean Salad (assuming I can find plantains! I had no luck on Sunday when grocery shopping)

Th – Out with friends

F – wing it

Have you made any tasty recipes lately! Please share links in the comments! 

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    Try compare foods for plantains!

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    Melissa C

    It was so great to finally meet you! We will definitely plan a trip to WS soon 🙂 Do you have kroger or harris teeter in Winston Salem? I have found plantains at both stores.

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    i want all of your salads! i am coming over!

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