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My Trunk Club Review

I hate shopping. Trunk Club makes it better. Here’s everything you need to know about the personal styling service! 

I first mentioned Trunk Club in this post, and since I’ve been using it for much longer now, I thought a dedicated post was in order! Trunk Club is a clothing styling subscription service, similar to Stitch Fix or DailyLook, but is a LOT better for many reasons, which I’ll share in this post! So, let’s dive in. And if you decide to try it, use my link and you’ll get a $50 credit when you make your first purchase!

Trunk Club Review

I’ve used multiple online styling services over the years, but Trunk Club (while not perfect) is certainly the best one I’ve tried. I’ll break down in this Trunk Club Review what it is, how much it costs, what I like and what I don’t!

My Trunk Club Review

Tank | Shorts | Shoes

My Trunk Club Review 2021

Tank | Shorts | Shoes

My Trunk Club Review 2021

My Trunk Club Review

What is the Trunk Club

Trunk Club is an online styling service, where clothes are curated for you and shipped to your house to try on before you buy. Trunk Club basically takes the work out of shopping. You don’t have to look for items online and you don’t have to go to a store. Instead, you with work a stylist who sends curated items to you each month (or whatever frequency you like) to try on at home and then you just mail back what you don’t keep.

To get started, you complete your style profile. All that entails is filling out out a quick questionnaire about your style, sizes, preferred price points. You can also note if you’re looking for specific items (like new shoes or a black blazer) or types of clothes for a specific event (like vacation, a wedding or just a wardrobe refresh).

Then, you are assigned a stylist (the same one you’ll have each time) and he or she will send you a preview of what they picked out before it ships. That way, you can remove items you know you won’t like or share if anything is priced too high. Then, it ships out for you to try on. You decide what you want to keep, make notes for your stylist on what you’re keeping vs. sending back, and check out online or in the app. And then you mail back anything you don’t want to keep.

Trunk Club offers services for both women and men. My husband has tried Trunk Club a few times and didn’t like it, for the most part. He got a couple of great sweaters, but the jeans and shoes were never his style and they couldn’t quite get it right even with continued feedback on what he didn’t like.

How much does it cost

Each trunk has a $25 styling fee and you are charged when your box ships. However, the $25 goes towards anything you keep and will be deducted at checkout. Or, if you are a Nordstrom credit card holder, the styling fee is waived every time. Both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club are pretty inexpensive.

My Trunk Club ReviewPants (similar) | Top (similar)| Heels

What I like about the Trunk Club:

Makes shopping easy

Having clothes show up on my doorstep, that are in my budget, that are my style, and are my size: does it get any easier than that? Nope. And exchanges are easy – you just tell your stylist you want a different size and they’ll get it out.

I try things I normally wouldn’t

In all four trunks, my stylist picked things I never would have ordered online, like sparkly heels, a faux suede jacket or a patterned blouse. She’s also sent me some of my go-to’s that I needed to update, like booties and skinny jeans.

Saves time

Shopping can be time intensive, especially since my town doesn’t have great stores. To have access to nice department stores like Nordstrom, I have to drive 1.5 – 2 hours. And even shopping online can take a lot of time to filter through thousands of options. Having a stylist send me options to review that are in my budget saves so much time!

Styling help

I also like being able to work with a stylist so get her advice about styling, sizing, etc. on things that came in my trunk if I’m unsure of something. And, after you get a few boxes, she’ll note what new items you have that could pair with items in previous boxes, which helps to build a wardrobe! It’s sort of like a real-life Pinterest board that auto populates! 🙂

Free shipping

You never have to pay for shipping when the trunk comes to you or when you send it back. And you don’t have to print off a return label or a shipping label – they include it all in the box and returns are done during checkout on the app or website. I seriously hate printing shipping labels. Lazy? Maybe. But hey, this service is all about convenience! I’ve received all of my boxes quickly.

Everything is from Nordstrom

My FAVORITE part is that everything is from Nordstrom, which is where I prefer to shop anyway. With Trunk Club, I know the brands and I know they will be quality clothes, which was not the case with other styling services. Plus, if I get something in a Trunk that I love, I can easily buy more colors from I already bought the black version of a leopard sweater I got in my first Trunk Club since I loved it so much.

Rewards Programs

If you are a Nordy Club member, you earn points on Trunk Club purchases like you would shopping in a Nordstrom store (or You can use Nordstrom Notes and gift cards at Trunk Club too! Trunk Club also offers referral affiliate links so you can share your personal link with friends and family and if they sign up and make a purchase, you’ll get at $50 credit in your account!

Price Matching

If you see something cheaper at Nordstrom after you checkout your Trunk, they’ll price match within 14 days of your Trunk Club purchase. I’ve also noticed when something goes on sale at Nordstrom, it’s automatically discounted in my Trunk!

Customer Service

The customer service is really good when I’ve needed to exchange something or send something back if something went wrong – which doesn’t happen often! I’ve also used customer service to request more of items I’ve gotten in the past, like my favorite undies and socks!

Trunk Club box review

Tank | Shorts | Shoes

What I don’t like about the Trunk Club


Yes, there are a few cons to Trunk Club! Nothing is perfect unless you just do all your shopping yourself in a Nordstrom store!

Styling woes

Sometimes things are just a miss! The past two months, I had a few items in my box that just felt way too old for me! Even my husband and a few of my friends said that they looked a bit matronly on me and I’m still going for a youthful vibe! (I mean, who isn’t?)

My Trunk Club Review

Dress (similar style) | heels

Sizing can be tough to nail and exchanges are okay but not great

This isn’t really a con of Trunk Club since all online shopping can be difficult with sizing. But I guess I expected my stylist to nail it every time since she has my dimensions and also should know how brands fit. But, it’s just one of the challenges of shopping online. And since exchanges are easy, this isn’t a huge deal to me. But, in my last Trunk, I did have a number of things that were too big or way too long even though she knows I’m very petite. I’m 5’1″.

This jumpsuit is super light and comfy but it was CRAZY long on me, even though it was a petite.

personal styling service

If you’ve already paid for something and later decide to exchange an item you use your Nordstrom Credit or Debit card on file to pay for the other size and then they’ll refund the original charge once you mail it back and it arrives to them.

Returns after the fact are not so easy.

While exchanges for a different size or color are easy, returns are not. Unlike Nordstrom’s very generous return policy, the Trunk Club return policy is not so lenient. After you’ve paid for your box and mailed everything back, if you have an issue down the road (like when I got a hole in one of my sweaters a week later), you have to get a return “approved” on a case by case to get a refund or Trunk Club credit. I love shopping at Nordstrom since their return policy is amazing (basically they take returns at any time…) so you have to be SURE you want to keep something.

Bad stylist match is a possibility

If you don’t love your Trunk Club stylist, that could be rough! But, I would say to give it a few Trunks together before you decide it’s not the right fit since he or she should adjust what she sends based on you feedback. Then, if things still don’t improve, you can request to change your stylist. In your account under Support, you can call or email and they can help switch your stylist.

My experience

Overall, I love the Trunk Club and I highly recommend it! I plan to keep using it, but my husband cancelled his service. To give you an idea of what I’ve gotten in Trunks, here are some photos from my most recent Trunk Club shipments!

This cropped quarter zip has been a favorite since it came in a box a few months ago. I love that it’s cropped (great for petite frames like mine) and that it’s an off-white neutral. These jeans are a new favorite of mine.

personal styling service review

Pullover | Jeans

These PJs are the BEST. They’re really flattering and the quality is much better than my Target brand sets. Comes in lots of patterns too!

personal styling service USA

PJ set

I’ve been able to try lots of Nordstrom workout gear through Trunk Club. This top was sent in a recent box and while I had requested golf clothes (and this won’t work because my golf course requires a collar) I LOVE it for running.

the best personal styling service


Nordstrom carries some of my favorite brands, one of which is Boden. They sent this top and I’m THRILLED.

the best personal styling service options


This top isn’t something I would typically go for, but they sent it and I LOVE it. It just makes me happy. They pair perfectly with the best white jeans ever.

personal styling service options


A fun perk of Trunk Club is that you can add on accessories to any box you want.

I snagged this visor (and would rarely splurge on something like this) but It came and I am OBSESSED. I wear it for golf, the pool, walks with Thomas, etc.

what to wear to play golf

Outfit (more of my favorite golf looks here)

They also sent these linen shorts which I’ve loved this summer.

Trunk Club varieties


This top was also a winner! I love the pattern and I probably wouldn’t have grabbed it off the shelf had I seen it in person on a hanger.
Trunk Club box clothes and accessories


I have typically worn mostly J.Crew swimsuits because I love the simple styles and fun colors, but this swimsuit was a total win from Nordstrom. It fits perfectly, has great coverage in the back, and I love how simple and flattering it is.

Trunk Club swimwear


This linen tank has become a summer favorite in my closet and I’ve also worn these sandals out I love them so much!

linen tank and shorts


I got this gold paperclip necklace as a Trunk Club accessory and have barely taken it off. It goes with almost everything in my closet (including this one piece) and I don’t even notice I have it on. My sandals are also a Trunk Club purchase.

gold paperclip necklace


I love these sparkly heels. If I had a fancy dinner or gala, I would obviously wear these. But they are also great paired with a simple work outfit to jazz things up a bit.

sparkly heels

I had been ready to try some new sunglasses after wearing my beloved Raybans for YEARS, so I requested that they send me a few pairs to try. I LOVE THESE. They’re the perfect size and weight, and they’re casual enough I wear for walks and runs as well as with cuter outfits.

online styling service

And here are photos showing how I’ve worked Trunk Club items into my existing wardrobe!

Both this blazer and these booties came from Trunk Club! They paired perfectly with dark skinny jeans and a simple white blouse I already owned.

personal online styling service

I never would have picked this blouse out, but I loved it when I got it in a Trunk! It pairs well with slacks or jeans! Blouse is sold out, so here’s a similar one!

personal styling service Trunk Club

Jeans | similar booties

Like I mentioned earlier, I have really liked trying Nordstrom’s workout gear, and this Zella top has become a staple in my running wardrobe! I’m wearing it with an old pair of shorts I have and my favorite running shoes (currently!).

personal styling service workout clothes


These shoes were a pick from Trunk Club and I LOVE them. I have them paired with my favorite jeans (one of my must-have not-skinny jeans pairs!) and a black wrap blouse I already owned (similar).

personal styling service shoes

If you’ve tried Trunk Club, I’d love to hear your review and experience! And if you decide to try it, use this link and you’ll get a $50 credit when you make your first purchase!!

Here are some other things that came in my recent boxes!


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    How did the Spanx leggings fit you seeing that you are 5’ 1” ? I’m 5’ and was thinking I would need to order the petite size.

  • Reply
    Anne Marie

    Nordstrom does styling in-store as well, right? If you lived in a city with a store, would you do that, or Trunk Club?

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I haven’t used their in-store styling so it’s hard to compare. It’s also not an option for me so it’s hard to say which I would do. 🙂 I do think Trnk Club is probably more time efficient. But, again – I don’t have experience with the in-store styling so it’s hard to say.

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    johna hutira

    I have had some luck with Trunk Club, but lately the stylists have been missing the boat big time. I think that they don’t read my profile. I asked for some outfits for my 45 high school reunion. I sent pictures of styles I like. What I got was polyester crap more appropriate for me 45 years ago. Leaving the service.

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