Wanna Beat Your 5K PR?

Last Thanksgiving, I beat my 5K PR. And it felt amazing. And I want to do it again…who wants to join me? (You can’t have my turkey medal.)

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As part of my partnership with Fitfluential, I am able to participate in a sponsorship with Under Armour for the What’s Beautiful campaign. To me though, it feels more than a promotional campaign. It feels like a whole movement…encouraging women to become stronger together, physically and emotionally. It’s designed to encourage women to push themselves to become stronger athletes by setting fitness goals and joining together to help one another achieves these goals. I LOVE the concept of group goal setting; I find so much motivation through the support of others with common goals.

Every week, Under Armour will give away prizes to the participants and highlight the top performers on their site. And in 8 weeks, they’ll announce 10 finalists who have shown the best progress towards their goals. In July, three winners will win a trip Costa Rica – it’s on my travel bucket list! – for a 4-day retreat.

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I just set up my goal – Beat my 5K PR. If you have that same goal, you can join my team (please do!!) or set your own goal and start your own group. Click here to register and then you can set individual and team goals.

Team 5K PR Killers – hehe. That will be us! You don’t need to have the same PR goal as me – whatever your PR is, just aim to beat it and you’re a perfect fit for my team!

My current PR is 21:27…and I think I can beat that without too much work. So, I’m setting a pretty lofty goal. Run a 20:30 5K. That will be a serious challenge. I’m not gonna say impossible – because few things are! – but it will take some serious dedication! So I’m gonna need your support!

To get started on my goal, I ran hard on Friday and Saturday. I can’t be content with average runs anymore; I need to get out of my comfort zone, do some intervals, do some track workouts, run with people who are so much faster than me it almost makes me mad, and work on some hamstring and glute strength. (basically all the things I outlined in my post about how I significantly increased my running speed over the past few years! Taking my own medicine is hard sometimes.;)

If you’re not going to go after a new 5K PR, tell me which fitness goal you do want to set!

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    Teri, this post cannot be more timely. While my heart will always be longer distances I really want to focus on 5ks at the moment.

    The sad part is I have been injured so long I don’t even remember what my 5K PR is!
    Instea I’m shooting for the 22:50s. Good luck on your speedy goal!

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    I recently decided I’d like to run a half marathon. The furthest I’ve ever run is 10 miles (Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, actually….and the Georgetown 10 miler too). I ran in a 10k a few weeks ago on the NC coast and was inspired to do something longer. So, I’m signed up for the Mistletoe! Of course, the Mistletoe won’t be as flat the as coast was.

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    I have been toying with working on this goal for um, like, 3 years. I keep going back to signing up for longer runs because I know I can do “slow and steady” long runs and it scares me to commit to speed. But, I know what a good cheerleader you are, so I’m going to (EEK!!) sign up and do your goal with you.

    My 5k PR is (don’t laugh) 31:50. I want to get under 30:00. Even if it’s 29:59. Now I better find a 5k to sign up for… Do you have one you’re aiming for?

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    Love that you posted about “what’s beautiful”. When I moved to Knoxville, I met Sarah (one of the winners from the first competition). She is amazing…offering free boot camps for women and is truly changing minds, not just bodies.

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