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Weekend Happenings

This weekend was full and fun. Friday night, Carolyn and I had an awesome dinner at Willow’s Bistro before heading to the University of North Carolina School of the Art’s production of the Nutcracker.

We (errr, mostly just I) started with house-made potato chips swapping out the blue cheese for manchego (I’m always so happy when restaurants have sheep’s cheese!). Carolyn had like two chips – I just can’t be stopped with melted cheese. Sorry about that Carolyn. I ordered The Crusher Petite Syrah, which is one of my favorites.IMG_0231

For my entrée, I ordered their fig, wine-poached pear and arugula salad and had them add salmon to it. #iheartfigs IMG_0234

We had a great time at the Nutcracker – it’s one of my favorite traditions.

On Saturday, I took a Pure Barre class and then ran errands all afternoon. I made the stupid stupid stupid mistake of going to the mall to return some items (totally not time sensitive) and got stuck in the parking lot for 40 minutes just trying to get out! So. much. traffic. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Hanes Mall anymore…

Maizey was being super feisty yesterday afternoon (she thinks the rug is a toy) and had no remorse… IMG_0213

…so I took her on an hour long walk to get some of her energy out. I took a picture of the over-decorated house for you guys so you could see it all lit up. Please note the palm tree. Every Christmas scene needs a palm tree.IMG_0256

On Saturday evening, a friend invited me to see latest The Hunger Games movies (I thought it was okay, he wasn’t a fan), and I SWEAR it was his idea to get Teeter Thai for dinner without my saying anything. (And this was after another friend had invited me to Teeter Thai for lunch earlier in the day, but I turned it down since I’d just eaten.) But for reals, I’m not going to eat Teeter Thai for…at least two days. Not counting my leftovers today. 😉

This morning Carolyn and I took Maizey and Deacon on a walk.IMG_0268

We stopped at Krankies along the way for lattes (honey cinnamon almond milk latte for me – seriously so good…it’s like a warm, liquid snickerdoodle).IMG_0275And the best part? After our walk, we hung out at my house for a bit and MAIZEY AND DEACON PLAYED TOGETHER! MAIZEY WAS NICE! I can’t even tell you how happy I am about this. Maizey is really aggressive towards other dogs except her bulldog friend Annie, and she hasn’t seen Annie in almost two years. So this was the first time since then that she has played with another dog; she had so much fun and I was thrilled. Deacon, you’re welcome anytime. Even if you both smell terrible, are covered in mud and need baths afterwards. (Of course, I had just bathed Maizey yesterday.)IMG_0277

I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’ll be back later today with the Weekender!

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    My boss at WS Wine Market was told there would be 35,000 cars at Hanes Mall yesterday. Bleck! Glad you survived.

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    Chloe is ALSO really aggressive to other dogs but if we take them for a walk first and then let them try to play she’s usually 100x better! I think it’s because they get to “know” each other a bit on the walk!

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Oh really?? For some reason, it makes me feel better that Chloe is aggressive too. Not that it’s a good thing but I was certain it was something I did wrong in training (or not training) her!

      The walk seems to be the ticket! I wish I’d tried it years ago…but hopefully I can try it again soon! I agree it helps her get to know the other dog and also lets her see that I’m cool with the other dog and she doesn’t need to protect me! 🙂

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    Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment

    I love the Nutcracker this time of year. I always underestimate time too. The malls this time of year are just nuts!

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    Mary Jane

    Yay Maizey!!!!

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