The Weekender: Favorite Links & Current Sales

Happy Sunday! This weekend has been lovely. I ran with friends yesterday, went to a bridal registry event with Alise (more on that next Wednesday for Wedding Wednesday 😉 ), took dinner to Anna who just had a baby, and read and sunbathed with Maizey.

afoodiestaysfit boxer

Last night, Tommy and I had a date night. I love getting dressed up for special nights out and I love getting to spend 1:1 time with Tommy since our time during the week is so limited. We went to 1703, which has amazing food. And we both love that it’s quiet and comfortable there – I hate having to talk loud or not be able to hear my loved ones at dinner. (Geez, I sound old.)

Quick word on the heels I’m wearing – I LOVE THEM. They’re surprisingly comfortable and easily elevate and otherwise a simple outfit. Case in point below. All black + heels. Instant outfit. I haven’t shopped from Sole Society in a couple years, but I’ve really liked a lot of their things lately. I blame Christina for the renewed addiction.

sole society tila studded heels Blouse (this is similar & cheaper) | jeans | heels (only $70!) | similar clutch here & here | earrings | watch | all my make-up is linked here

Today, we went to church, brunch, and I took Maizey on a field trip to the park. Now I’m catching up on work, making banana oatmeal cookies out of this cookbook, and Tommy is watching the Masters.

Alright, onto the links!

Favorite Links

Time management tips for procrastinators. I don’t usually find good tips in these types of articles but this one was actually useful.

How to kill your iPhone addiction with 4 settings, 1 hairband and a post-it note. I’ve already been using the post-it note method, but #1 seemed extreme. Nevertheless, I did it yesterday. And I already REALLY like it.

12 habits of highly motivated runners. I like the tip to build a habit of foam rolling by pairing it with an activity you do everyday anyway.

Darwin was a slacker and you should be too.

7 biggest eating mistakes you make after a run. Guilty x3.

Article that I want every single man I know to read.

The problem is not women running alone. I’m posting some of my favorite quotes from the article because even if you don’t click through to that article, I feel strongly about the below items. Especially the last one.

  • YES. >> “Posting a service-based “how to stay safe” story tied to these killings is completely inappropriate. You’re implying that the victims were somehow at fault for their fates.”
  • YES >> “Midrun harassment isn’t rare. Women know that, and men should, too.” If I run downtown, I get harassed on every. single. run. 
  • YES >> “Men, I want you to think about this. I want you to care about this. I want you to be outraged that the women you run with, when they’re running alone or even with other women, are angry but not surprised when men whistle or honk or make lewd comments. Awareness and understanding from our male counterparts is more likely to improve the reality of being a woman who runs than a whole browser full of hackneyed “safety tips” ever will.”
    • I totally agree that the biggest change will come from men speaking up to other men who exhibit this behavior towards women, letting them know it’s NOT okay for them to catcall someone’s fiance, wife, daughter, sister, mother. And if you are a man who catcalls women or doesn’t speak up to condemn it when you hear your friends do it,  SHAME ON YOU. Now get your act together and speak up.

Current Sales:

  • LOFT: Extra 50% off sale + 30% off spring favorites. (No code needed.) This cardigan looks perfect for work, this yellow dress is so cute,  and this dress is so pretty (would be lovely for Easter or spring baby/bridal showers).
  • Lululemon just added a bunch of new things to their sale.
  • West Elm: 20-30% off rugs & furniture. My coffee table (that I’m obsessed with) is on sale and that sucker never goes on sale.

Alright, I’m headed over to Tommy’s! I’m going to surprise him with the cookies (if I don’t eat them all first).

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  • Stephanie B.

    Just a little note – I think you meant to say “condemn” instead of “condone” in your comments on the article about women running alone.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Oh YES. Important word in that sentence!!! Thanks for catching that – I corrected!

      • Stephanie B.

        Yeah I wouldn’t usually make a comment like that, but I thought in this case it was a pretty crucial word so wanted to say something 🙂

  • Christina Orso

    Hahah you can blame me for any shopping!!!