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The Weekender: Favorite Links + Weekend Recap

Happy Monday y’all! I’m so excited for this Monday because I’m only working one day this week and then I’m headed to the beach with Tommy’s family for a long-overdue vacation. I’m so excited to get away from the daily grind and to spend time with his family, whom I LOVE. They are such wonderful people and so so fun to be around. I’m so lucky!

Alright, onto my favorite reads from the week and a quick weekend recap.

Favorite Reads

  • 12 Habits of the Most Productive People. I do almost all these things and every manager I’ve had in my career has told me how productive I am. These strategies also work for all the things in life I have to get done that don’t revolve around my job.
  • Midday Runs with my Wife. I loved loved loved this article in Runner’s World. A lot of it resonated, but this line especially stood out to me. “During our runs together I’ve realized that not only do I love my wife—I like her too.”
    • I am so grateful that not only do I absolutely LOVE Tommy, but I also really really like him. Even if he wasn’t my boyfriend, I’d want to be his friend. (But then I’d still want to date him because he’s cute as crap.)
    • My sister-in-law gave me a copy of this article Like has to exist in order for love to grow about 5 years ago, and I’ve always kept it in my journal as a reminder. She and my brother have an awesome relationship that I’ve always admired, and I think part of that is because they just genuinely really really like each other. 

Weekend recap

It was a really busy weekend – we had dinner plans with friends Friday, Saturday and Sunday night – but I also had some great downtime and also got a lot done. I had a hair appointment on Saturday, and instead of chopping it back to chin length like I’ve been doing for a while, I kept some length and instead brightened the blonde up a lot. I love it! Maizey does too. 😉


We went to La Perlita one night which is an amazing hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. Four of us shared three entrees — chicken quesadillas, steak sopas and shrimp tacos — and we all left stuffed. The cheese didn’t upset my stomach too much either. Woot!

Another night we went to The Porch. They have amazing margaritas – the jalepeño mint is a favorite — and it was so great to catch up with Matt and Meg. I ruined my dinner with chips and salsa, but my beef brisket tacos made excellent leftovers the next day.

And yesterday, we had a cookout with some friends. I made Ashley’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies with pistachios. I also added in chopped walnuts since I didn’t have enough pistachios and used Melt spread instead of butter to make them dairy free. They were amazing! She has the best recipes.


I also had a great long run (I’ll post a weekly workout recap later today or tomorrow), took a nap, vacuumed, and grocery shopped.

Hope you have a great week!

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    Have a great vacation!

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    I agree Ashley does have good recipes! those cookies are so yummy! Have a great vacation… 🙂 I’m so incredibly happy for you. Thanks for sharing such great articles!

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    Christina Orso

    I LOVE the blonde. Need those cookies. Holy shit I am headed to Woodman’s of Essex this weekend — that’s the best MA restaurant apparently!!!!!!

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    Sarah @ BucketListTummy

    Thank you so much for sharing my link! I’m in the Charlotte area – we are so close! That jalapeno mint margarita sounds divine! 🙂

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