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Last week’s workouts – cross-training (and not running) for plantar fasciitis

I ran today for the first time in a week and it felt GLORIOUS to be running. The weather was perfect (58*) and I got to run with Christian since her work schedule was a little different today. (She typically has a 45 minute commute.) I was so happy to be running after a week off! Last week’s workouts were good, but running is a big part of what makes me feel like me and I just don’t feel normal when I don’t run. Hopefully I’m on my way to getting back to normal. 🙂

Last week’s workouts

M – 5 miles, 8:25 pace

  • My plantar was hurting SO much on this run, even after continuing to reduce my mileage. I knew I needed to be serious about rehabbing so I planned to take a week off running and scheduled a massage and PT after this run.

T –  Massage

Oof. This was INTENSE. But so, so good.

W – Needling and Scraping

My calf was SO tight and my foot had too little dorsiflexion, which was contributing to the plantar issues. She also said it was, um, not the smartest that I totally switched up my shoes after Boston so suddenly. I should have known better and eased into the new pairs. Oops.

She needled my glute, hamstring, and calf and then scraped my calf and foot like crazy. It. did. not. feel. good. But it helped. I was a hot mess by the time I left.

Th – Hot Vinyasa

This class at Yoga Dogz was AMAZING. She did a lot of hip openers which felt amazing.

F – Cross-training

Warmed up with 10 on the elliptical

Deadlifts 10-9-8…1, increasing weight

  • started at 45#, finished at 150# (grip was rough with men’s bar)
  • 15 Bicep curls after each set for first half, upright rows for the second half

Solo Made-up WOD – finished in 15:47

5 rounds for time:

  • 250m row
  • 10 kb swings
  • 10 slam balls
  • 10 deadlifts, 95#

I had 3 people stop me mid-workout to ask what I was doing since they said it looked “really hard.” I appreciated the vote of confidence, but man, why do people do that at the gym?! I had earbuds in and everything.

Rowing seemed to really help my plantar since it seemed to stretch my calf. The elliptical, on the other hand, felt TERRIBLE.

Sa – Crosstraining

10 rounds:

  • 500m row
  • 60 seconds ab work (alternating different moves like planks, bicycle crunches, toe taps, toe reaches, etc.)

This took about 37 minutes, including walking back and forth between the rower and where my mat was set up in a different room (trying to not be obnoxious in the gym). And, including being stopped and asked what workout I was doing.


Tommy and I played a few holes of golf, in between bouts of pouring rain.

Total Miles: 5 Miles

How I’m Feeling: I’m super frustrated that I can’t run especially now that it’s finally gorgeous, i.e. not freezing and not crazy humid. The mornings have been gorgeous! But hey, at least Maizey is getting some extra morning walks.

Am I rude that I hate being interrupted at the gym in the middle of the workout? I think I’m used to Crossfit where that does NOT happen since we’re often on a clock and everyone is working. I love our gym (it’s really nice with great equipment and a beautiful facility), but I get interrupted mid-workout almost every time I’m there. I know people don’t realize I’m timing myself or trying to do as many rounds as possible in a set amount of time, but it still seems odd to stop me when I have earbuds in and they have to really work to get my attention. Is this normal at non-Crossfit gyms?? Or maybe I’m just not friendly? ha!



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    I would be so annoyed too! Can you pretend you don’t hear/see them? lol!

  • Reply

    I’ve only had someone interrupt me a handful of times…and always when it was “intense looking…what are you doing?” sort of question! I am annoyed when it happens in the middle of work…if I’m resting or taking a water break, then that’s fine even if I do have earbuds in.

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    OMG it is the worst!! I usually do classes at my gym but when I work out on the main floor I get interrupted a lot too. There is a “fun” (you get it) WOD my former crossfit gym used to do that we deemed the triathlon – it’s a 1500m row, then 150 burpees, then a 1.5 mile run. Any time I do this I get stopped and asked about it. I’m like, “DUDE! I’m on burpee #127 right now. I CANNOT TALK TO YOU!” 😉

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    I think it’s super weird you regularly get interrupted at the gym! I guess it’s good because it means people are friendly … but I would definitely be annoyed!

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    I would hate being interrupted too! I have done CFworkouts in “regular” gyms occasionally. I don’t think anyone has ever stopped me, but l definitely get weird stares.

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    Christina F

    I actually dont think it’s a big deal … and I’m from the north, guys 😉

    Could you think of it as complimentary?? I’ve only been interrupted a couple of times before, asking about my form on the TRX, but it wasn’t as though they were looking to chat for a while. That workout does look intense – I probably wouldn’t interrupt someone in the middle of that – but I’ll take it over the guy who sits on the machine in between sets playing on his phone …. or the gal walking across the gym floor staring at her phone ….
    maybe I’m just impressed that these 3 people were paying attention 🙂 🙂

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