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Last Week’s Workouts + Obsessed with CrossFit Postal

Last week I spent some time in Boone and got to workout with one of my friends at CrossFit Postal, and I’m convinced the world would be a better place if every gym was like CrossFit Postal. Everyone was SO nice, the coach (whom I later learned is the owner) was so welcoming and helpful, and the WODs were SO good.

It was a deload week for them; they had been working towards a one-rep max on deadlifts and strict presses and they were testing their maxes the next week. I am so jealous of their strength cycles since my gym has never really had anything structured like that (at least not that was communicated to members). Tommy and I can’t wait to go when we’re in Boone next time and it also gave me the itch to get back to Top Tier a little more often in Winston.

So, I went to Top Tier last night. 🙂 I wore one of my new pair of Zella leggings from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they were so comfortable even on a super humid night. Make sure you check out this post with all my workout gear picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Zella Nordstrom Sale

Okay, onto last week’s workouts!

M- Crossfit Postal with Brita

  • back squats 3×5 – I used 95# which was too light but that’s okay
  • Metcon (time) – I finished in 4:32
    • 21-15-9
    • Dumbell Thrusters 50/35
    • Dumbell box step-overs 24/20

CrossFit Postal Boone

T – Crossfit Postal with Brita

  • Strict Press 3×5 – I used 55#
  • Metcom (AMRAP-reps) – I got 12 reps into the round of 24. I accidentally used a 26# kettlebell. No wonder I felt so good!!
    • 12 minute AMRAP
      • 3 burpees over KB
      • 3 KB swings 53/35
      • 6
      • 6
      • 9
      • 9
      • etc
    • post-WOD lifting on my own – 5×5 deadlifts, increasing weight: 85, 115, 135, 165, 185

    CrossFit Postal Boone

    I took an evening walk with Maizey & Mary (my mother-in-law) that ended in 5 minutes of power walking in POURING rain. But it was lovely before that!

W – CrossFit Postal

I LOVED this workout!

  • Metcon (for time) – I finished in 21:47
    • 800 m run
    • 31 toes to bars (I did leg raises holding onto a kettlebell)
    • 31 push ups (from my knees)
    • 31 front squats, 95/65lb (I used 55#)
    • 800 meter run
    • 31 toes to bars
    • 31 push ups
    • 31 hang power cleans, 135/95 lb
    • 800 meter run

Th- 5 miles, 8:11 pace

Another new to me trail – the Boone Greenway was great! My plantar fasciitis felt fine until about mile 3 – I shouldn’t have gone out so far because it was really bothering me by the time I got back to the car. But, it was just such a pretty morning! I was even a little chilly when I started out – the 55 degree temperature felt AMAZING.

Boone Greenway

Boone Greenway running


I was planning to do a little stretching but Maizey had other plans. I eventually did a 10 minute ab workout from the Aaptiv app.

Sa – Driving Range with friends!

We had friends with us up in Boone for a couple days and we had so much fun on the driving range at the Boone Golf Club. (I still love this group picture the most. ha!) The whole weekend was so much fun and very relaxing. I’m working on a post about some of my favorite restaurants and things to do in Boone and Blowing Rock since I got a lot of questions on Instagram, so stay tuned!

Boone Golf Club


Total Miles: 5 🙂

How I’m Feeling: My plantar fasciitis has still been bothering me (it was really hurting after a run last week). But having such good workouts at CrossFit Postal made it easier to not run. While I did get in one run in, it didn’t feel great. So, I took another 4 days off and did a short run this morning – and it felt much better!

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  • Rachel

    Wednesday’s Crossfit workout looks like so much fun! You’re doing awesome at staying away from running. I know it must be super hard for you not to run! Hoping that your plantar fascitis is better very soon. Have a great week!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      It was so fun!! And thank you so much for your kind words – it IS hard to stay away from running and I really appreciate your empathy, kudos and encouragement!! 🙂

  • Kellie

    I’m undergoing a forced hiatus from running as well due to PTTD, so I feel your pain! (just in a different area of my leg 😉 ) Having race training begin in three weeks isn’t making the separation easier, either. Hope your PF resolves speedily from here forward. Here’s to an abundance of insane self-care!