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Weekly Workouts + dealing with plantar fasciitis

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis. I got SO many great tips for dealing with plantar fasciitis on this post – thank you all for your advice! Even after backing my mileage way off, it doesn’t seem to be getting much better. One day it’s better, and then the next day it feels terrible. So I scheduled a massage to work on my calves (which are super tight) and reached out to my PT to get an appointment. I’m also using the lacrosse ball under my foot at least once a day (or a frozen water bottle) and trying to wear supportive shoes (rather than cute sandals or heels!). And I’m going to map out my workouts for the week – with no running. Having a plan will help me avoid defaulting to running for my workouts!

Here’s what I did last week!

Last week’s workouts


T – 6 miles, 8:28 pace + upper body lifting

I ran to the gym, did some upper body lifting and ran home from the gym. I used to do the run-lift-run routine a lot when I had a gym at my apartment and I loved it. My gym is a little further away now so it’s harder to squeeze it, but now that it’s light in the mornings, I may start doing it more often!

W – 6 miles, 7:54 pace

I ran with my friend Kim, who ran the Buffalo Marathon last weekend! She’s such a strong runner. I was suffering on this run – so hot, so hilly, oof. She didn’t seem phased by it!

Th – Hot Vinyasa at Yoga Dogz

This was a slow-moving class that felt AMAZING.


Sa – Circuit Training (see the Pin at the bottom to save this workout for later!)

I did 15 min on the elliptical to warm up and my foot was killing me! I had wore my Nike Metcons which I typically LOVE for Crossfit and lifting workouts. But I guess with this plantar fasciitis, I need to put my superfeet inserts in there, which I always wear with my running shoes. Once I got off the elliptical, it felt fine while I lifted. I was hoping the elliptical would be good cross-training while I reduce mileage, but maybe not?

I did 3 circuits, 3 rounds of each, 12-15 reps of each:

  • bicep curls, overhead press, curtsy lunge
  • tricep dips, seated pull-back, wood choppers
  • overhead tricep dip, slam balls, upright rows


Su – 6.2 miles, 8:43 pace

I took it easy on this run and really eased into the pace. (My first mile was about 9:05). The plantar fasciitis pain seemed a lot better than the day before.

Total Miles: 18.3 miles

How I’m Feeling: I’m super frustrated at my plantar fasciitis, but hey, at least it happened AFTER I ran the Boston Marathon!! I’m kind of having a hard time adjusting my mileage down after marathon training, which surprises me. I was so ready to be done with training leading up to the race, but I’m still itching to run higher mileage. I do miss some of the muscle tone I had pre-marathon training, so I’m trying to use the plantar fasciitis as an excuse to get back to lifting. And heaven knows I need yoga in my life, so I’m scheduling that once a week too. My gym also now has RPM, so I plan to add that to the rotation as well. And fingers crossed we get some better WODs at my CrossFit gym so I actually want to go! Our programming has been so hit and miss for so long. :/

If you’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis, what cross-training felt okay?

P.S. If you missed it, I did a round-up of Memorial Day sales + my picks from the Nordstrom & J.Crew sales. Many stores sales are still going past the holiday so stock up on summer staples while prices are low! Read the post here.

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    Hillary | Nutrition Nut on the Run

    I hope your foot heals soon. Your body will probably appreciate the mix-up of exercise. I definitely need more yoga in my life, too!

  • Reply

    Have you tried aqua running? Some people on the track team I am part of have used it during rehab and come back just as strong or stronger. I use it when I know my body is saying “basta” but my stress level needs a workout. All the best in your recovery.

  • Reply

    Swimming! I’m not sure if you have access to a pool (doubtful) but that’s my favorite cross-training activity. Biking is okay, but I feel like it also puts too much stress on many of the same muscles used for running (particularly the calves).

    • Reply

      oh–and supportive shoes. I wore running shoes to work with my dresses and business casual clothes and barely anyone noticed. When they did, they know I’m a runner so it wasn’t a big deal and they always thought I just forgot a change of shoes since I shower at the gym then go to clinic 🙂

  • Reply

    I like swimming the best when in recovery mode.
    Have you heard of the Oophos recovery slides? They claim to help with plantar fasciitis. I don’t have plantar but love how they strech my feet, very comfortable. Not real attractive but very functional. I where them any time at home.

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    How often do you replace you insoles?

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    Hi Teri,
    Long-time reader. I just started dealing with PF myself. What has helped me is buying the green Super Feet insoles (they are more supportive) and wearing supportive shoes with the insoles in at all times. I hate wearing sneakers and I know it looks dumb, but it has helped my foot so much. (I even wear them to work, and switch into dressier shoes if I have to.) After only a week with the inserts, I barely notice any pain in my arch at all. I also religiously roll out my arch with a lacrosse ball when I am sitting at my desk. Sleeping with a compression sock has helped as well. Good luck.

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